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Influence of Short-Term Memory Codes on Visual Image Processing : Evidence From Image Transformation Tasks

by: shinta, 9 pages

Three experiments showed that phonological recoding of visual stimuli in short-term memory (STM) affects coding in long-term memory (LTM) and therefore performance on tasks involving ...

Transformations of Visual Memory Induced by Implied Motions of Pattern Elements

by: shinta, 15 pages

Four experiments measured distortions in short-term visual memory induced by displays depicting independent translations of the elements of a pattern. In each experiment, observers saw a ...

Whole Word, Frequency-General Phonology in Semantic Processing of Chinese Characters

by: shinta, 18 pages

Two experiments were conducted to examine the locus of the phonological and semantic interference effects in Chinese reported by C. A. Perfetti and S. Zhang (1995a). Both experiments ...

Prominence of Leading Functors in Function Morpheme Sequences as Evidenced by Letter Detection

by: shinta, 17 pages

Our previous work indicated that the increased difficulty in detecting letters in function in comparison with content morphemes derives from the role of functors in supporting phrase ...

Form-Specific Visual Priming in the Right Cerebral Hemisphere

by: shinta, 17 pages

Results of 4 experiments indicate that both within-modality and case-specific visual priming for words are greater when test stimuli are presented initially to the right cerebral hemisphere ...

Cognitive Psychology Component : Benefits of Metacognitive Strategies

by: shinta, 3 pages

Today, the field of cognitive psychology is in the midst of a major outpouring of scientific work on the processes of thinking and learning and on the development of improving long-term ...


by: shinta, 58 pages

There has been unprecedented interest in recent years in questions pertaining to accuracy and distortion in memory. This interest, catalyzed in part by real-life problems, marks a ...

The Psychology of Memory

by: shinta, 14 pages

In this chapter I will try to provide a brief overview of the concepts and techniques that are most widely used in the psychology of memory. Although it may not appear to be the case from ...


by: shinta, 5 pages

Teaching and assessing are two dimensions within the same learning process rather challenging and demanding. Nor assessing can stand alone neither teaching can

Science Motivation in the Multicultural Classroom

by: shinta, 3 pages

One way to address these results is to integrate into the curriculum the interests of children of all ethnic backgrounds—not just Hispanics. Curriculum and in- struction ...

THE SEARCH FOR EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS : With the person-centered approach

by: shinta, 14 pages

The last paper I wrote (Natiello, 2003), addressed a pending, global paradigm shift, and opened with the following quote: We are in the midst of an amazing global event that is centuries ...

Aquinas's Theory of Natural Law : An Analytic Reconstruction

by: shinta, 3 pages

An Analytic Reconstruction, undertakes to provide an account of Aquinas's theory that will merit the attention of analytic philosophers. He does so largely through arguing that Aquinas' ...

Situational Leadership : Conversations with Paul Hersey

by: shinta, 8 pages

My interview with Paul Hersey took place over a period of time during the beautiful Southeastern Ohio autumn. It was all opportunity. Paul had returned to Ohio University to serve as a ...

The Ultimate Theory of Personality

by: shinta, 13 pages

After a semester of Personality theories – Freud and Jung and Rogers and Frankl and Bandura and Eysenck, etc., etc., etc. – students often ask, once again, isn’t there one ...

Openness : Spirituality in a Process Psychology

by: shinta, 7 pages

In the modern Western world, the scientific study of spirituality has been a very low priority. The outstanding exception to this widespread scientific neglect of spiritual experience is ...

Identifying Family and Relationship Theories in Family Life Education Materials

by: shinta, 6 pages

This theory views families as living organisms and stresses boundaries, rules, expectations, and behaviors that help the family maintain equilibrium and the status quo or homeostasis. If ...

Adult Learning Theories and Practices

by: shinta, 8 pages

This brief article provides a basic framework for the instructor to consider as they plan and deliver training to adult learners. The theories and practices are based on long-standing ...

Personality Theories

by: shinta, 12 pages

Every one of us shares many things with others. However, apart from commonalities we also find that people are different in the way they appear and behave. The study of personality deals ...

Considering the Human in Multimedia : Learner-Centered Design (LCD) & Person-Centered e-Learning (PCeL)

by: shinta, 11 pages

Multi-medial learning material must be both usable and appealing to the learner in order to attract their attention. In any case, it is the learning outcome that is the primary indicator ...

Flattery won't get you everywhere

by: shinta, 2 pages

"Every woman is infallibly to be gained by every sort of flattery, and every man by one sort or another." Lord Chesterfield expres- sed this rather dogmatic opinion in a letter