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Kamasutra (Oxford World's Classics)

Customer Reviews:

bi-gender text that offers pragmatism

By A Customer - January 27, 2003

this book is excellent. most think the kamasutra is a sex manual. o.k., so it can be used as one - but if taken at face value, could create some pulled muscles and ligamentus issues...this translation of the kamasutra has more "meat" to it than the burton translation a 100 years ago. also..it is more accurate.furthermore, it is easy to understand. this book is about how to live life and how to approach human relations in a rational way. sometimes that is sex. sometimes it is marriage. sometimes it is just group interactions.if you apply to proper context to this book (whatever is important to you, basically), the book is a great way to introspect and understand your own life using a 400 AD context.

Kamasutra is not a pornographic work

By Christopher Sawi - March 17, 2013

Paperback, handy, and light weight. The price was cheap. The translation was very good, yet some parts were not clear to me. It's worth reading the book, and read it again - for further understanding.

The book is not the one translated by Sir Richard Francis Burton, but of Wendy Doniger and Sudhir Kakar. What made me bought this book is that, it allows me to read the contents of this Hindu text with no pictures - yes, no illustrations, only the treatise and commentaries, as this is my primary requirement before.

The treatise has a very good flow of sentences. It is justifiable that this book is not a pornographic work, but a very good literature, a classic to be read - ars erotica and scientia sexualis.

Nothing good happens to a man who does nothing. - Vatsyayana

Not for People Who Need Illustrations

By fae - May 31, 2012

I am happy with the book. However, my husband's interest in the book completely deflated when he saw that it did not contain any illustrations. I guess I will need to read it and draw him pictures.

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