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Ridgewood (Images of America: New Jersey)

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Smyth County (VA) (Images of America)

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Located between the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Smyth County has had a profound effect on many aspects of local, state, American, and world history. In Images of America: ...

Buchanan County (VA) (Images of America)

Buchanan County (VA) (Images of America)

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Often referred to as America's last frontier, Buchanan County, Virginia, was formed in 1858 by Act 156 of the Virginia General Assembly. The young county was named after Pres. James Buchanan, and ...

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Clover (SC) (Images of America)

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Although Clover was not founded until the Chester and Narrow-Gauge Railroad built a watering station in the area in the mid-1870s, its rich history dates back to the American Revolution. Kings ...

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Granville County Revisited (NC) (Images of America)

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After the publication of Images of America: Granville County in 2002, author Lewis Bowling was approached by numerous residents who owned vintage photographs and wished their treasures could have ...

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Wheeling (WV) (Images of America)

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When most people think of Wheeling they remember Independence Hall and the birth of West Virginia, but Wheeling's history goes back even further to the frontier legends of Lewis Wetzel and Maj. ...

Princeton   (WV)  (Images  of  America)

Princeton (WV) (Images of America)

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Throughout its existence, Princeton has been a community at a unique three-way intersection connecting the heart of the Allegheny Mountain range with the fertile Valley of the Virginias to the east ...

Danville   (VA)  (Images of America)

Danville (VA) (Images of America)

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Located in South Central Virginia on the North Carolina border, Danville remains one of the most dynamic destinations in the state. The geographic region that is now Danville was home to the Morotock ...

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Sarasota (FL) (Images of America)

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Images of America: Sarasota celebrates the unique history of one of Florida's most beautiful communities. Once a modest town, known for its ranching, hunting, fishing, and farming, Sarasota has grown ...

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Abingdon (VA) (Images of America)

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The charming town of Abingdon is nestled in southwestern Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and situated along the Holston River. Originally known as Wolf Hills a name bestowed upon the town by Daniel ...

Asheville and Western North Carolina in World War II   (NC)  (Images of America)

Asheville and Western North Carolina in World War II (NC) (Images of America)

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World War II served as a rallying call in Asheville and Western North Carolina, putting the citizens back to work. Asheville's two strongest economic sectors, tourism and medicine; its beautiful ...