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Pro WPF with VB 2008: Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5

Customer Reviews:

At Last! A WPF Book for VB Developers.

By G. Mead "gedmead99" - April 6, 2008

At last, someone has published a WPF book aimed at those of us who prefer to use Visual Basic for the code behind.

This is another well-written and comprehensive piece of work from a widely respected author.

Unsurprisingly, large chunks of content have been ported directly from his earlier WPF book, which was based on .NET 3.0 and has C# as the code behind. This makes complete sense as it is only the code behind aspects that need the different approach.

Because this is based on WPF 3.5 though, there are some additional items, such as binding to a LINQ expression in Chapter 16. There is also a completely new additional Chapter 26, which deals with the topics of Multithreading and Add-Ins.

I don't think Apress have the full chapter listing on their site yet (or at least I couldn't see it if they did). However, rest assured that the whole gamut of WPF topics is covered in this book, from Layout to Dependency Properties, Routed Events to... read more

Good, detailed information

By Mr. A. C. Clark - December 16, 2008

Upon first glance I would have expected this to be a simple "C#->VB.NET" translation of MacDonald's earlier offering, but even if that is the case it has been very well tailored to suit the VB.NET coder's standards and tastes. MacDonald goes into great detail with all of his examples and tends never to leave an errant XAML tag or line of VB.NET code unexplained. He points out various intricacies of the new features of the 3.5 framework, but despite all of this manages to keep things simple and engaging.

For the average WinForms coder, XAML and the other related technologies that made their début in .NET 3.0/3.5 can seem very daunting and often times totally unnecessary. MacDonald does a great job of explaining not only how to use the new technologies, but why they came about in the first place, Microsoft's motivation for creating (and pushing) them, and their benefits. In doing so he manages to - dare I say it - glamorise the new platform by extolling its virtues... read more

Great conceptually, examples aren't well done

By Mary Roach "Lady Bug" - October 23, 2009

I enjoyed this book until I got midway through chapter 9. Up to this point, when I had a bug, I noticed that I couldn't really run WinDiff or CSDiff, because he's not holding your hand when he sets up the examples. Okay, fine, that strengthens my debugging skills. But, for example, although he doesn't tell you this in the book, in some of the chapters, he's actually working with one project that has a menu pointing to each of the concepts as he introduces it. Conceptually, that works okay, but to really learn something, I need to actually do it myself. Now I'm trying to track down a simple bug, but the layout of my code behind the code is different enough that I'm finding it extremely difficult. So do I keep spending my valuable time debugging to find what's probably simply an omission of a line of code, or do I plow ahead? And there are some things in his code that aren't explained, like a boolean variable, isReplaying, defined for the class, but only used within one function. Since... read more

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