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North American P-51d Mustang

Customer Reviews:

Not just another Mustang book

By James Pernikoff - March 12, 2010

Normally I avoid buying books about a single aircraft type, unless it has to do with one of my particular favorites like the Mosquito or the F-14. But I do like Mustangs, and this latest book from the interesting Anglo-Polish collaboration that is MMP has an outstanding color section. Of course, there is a 32-page black-and-white section that deals with the development and specification of the P-51D and K, along with 1/72 scale plans. (1/48 and 1/32 scale plans are on a separate sheet.) But the 120-page color section that follows is outstanding. 92 pages intersperse photos of currently-flying Mustangs in action with more close-up detail photos than you could shake a stick at. There are also drawings from the Tech Manuals included. The last 28 pages show side views of just about every air arm that ever operated Mustangs: Cuba, Haiti, Somalia and Red China are among the markings that I don't recall having seen before on Mustangs! If you like P-51s, even if you have plenty of... read more

Another fine effort from Mushroom Model Publications

By Jim Davis - October 10, 2009

The iconic North American P-51D Mustang is the subject of the latest Mushroom Yellow Series monograph; this is number 6126. Despite the title coverage is also given to the identical except for the propeller P-51K.

Like other Yellow Series books this is a 6-1/2"x9" square bound card cover. It runs to 152 pages. Unlike previous books this has a different paper stock - it appears to be of high quality but does not have the slick coating used previously. Also this title includes an unbound foldout sheet with 1/48th and 1/32nd scale line drawings. If buying second hand make sure this is included.

The text is short but competent, only 32 pages with black and white photos and 1/72nd scale line drawings. It is marred by contradictions about the number of P-51Ds built both by North American and Commonwealth Aircraft in Australia. The tables appear to be the more reliable.

The next section is the meat of the book. 92 pages of close up color photos of preserved... read more

A Small Book but With a Lot of New Details

By John Matlock "Gunny" - March 2, 2011

It seems that there can never be a final book on the Mustang. Every time it looks like the definitive book has come out, here comes another with some set of details that were not covered in previous books. This little book has far more such details than I would have expected from a book its size. The printing is excellent, the photographs and especially the line drawings showing the paint schemes used by some fifty different using organizations.

In what they call the walk-around' section, they walked around several Mustangs taking photographs of every angle, showing great detail of parts not normally considered important enough to photograph. Of course, there are also several period photographs from the time of the second World War, a lot of them I hadn't seen before.

The title of the book says that it covers the P-51D which was the highest volume model produced. But it also gives a bit of history of the other models. Note that the P-51K was identical to the... read more

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