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The trusts and estates attorneys at Lam & Maloles are passionate about what they do and they take tremendous pride in providing client-centric, value-driven legal services to their clients.\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:117:\"images/t/5156/jeanna-l-lam-esquire-speaks-at-seamaac-inc-regarding-estate-planning-for-philadelphia-area-refugees.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:118:\"images/t2/5156/jeanna-l-lam-esquire-speaks-at-seamaac-inc-regarding-estate-planning-for-philadelphia-area-refugees.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:99:\"jeanna-l-lam-esquire-speaks-at-seamaac-inc-regarding-estate-planning-for-philadelphia-area-refugees\";s:5:\"pages\";s:1:\"2\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:1;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"410641\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:5:\"ASSAF\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:1:\"0\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:43:\"Egypt/Sudan - refugees & asylum seekers\";s:11:\"description\";s:95:\" REFUGEES AND ASYLUMSEEKERS\nFACE BRUTAL\nTREATMENT, KIDNAPPING\nFOR RANSOM, AND HUMAN\nTRAFFICKING\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:53:\"images/t/4107/egypt-sudan-refugees-asylum-seekers.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:54:\"images/t2/4107/egypt-sudan-refugees-asylum-seekers.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:35:\"egypt-sudan-refugees-asylum-seekers\";s:5:\"pages\";s:2:\"22\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:2;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:5:\"34909\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:6:\"wisaam\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:1:\"0\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:47:\"VIOLATION OF CHILDREN’S AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS:\";s:11:\"description\";s:2339:\"Every day and every hour - somewhere in the world - a woman or a child is being subjected to violence or abuse physically, psychologically, sexually or economically. The abuse occurs in homes, in schools and institutions, at workplaces or on the streets. Violence against women and more specifically girl children continues to be a global epidemic and one of the most pervasive of human rights violations, denying women and girls equality, security, dignity, self worth and their right to enjoy fundamental freedoms. No society can claim to be free of such violence. The only variation is in the patterns and trends that exist in countries and regions.i In the East Asia and Pacific Region, one of the more pervasive examples of violence against women and children is found in the businesses of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Trafficking is one of the starkest symptoms of gender inequality. While some men and boys are being trafficked, ending up as bonded labour or beggars, the vast majority of victims are women and girls who are being sold into prostitution, domestic work and forced marriages. They are not seen as full human beings but rather as subordinate objects to be traded for profit. Abuse and exploitation are both contributing factors to the phenomenon as well as consequences resulting in the violation of many, if not all, fundamental human rights. While trafficking and sexual exploitation are not a new phenomenon, recent global trends and technological advancements pose increased challenges to efforts to stop this criminal trade in human beings. Certain aspects of global economic and political developments are having a detrimental effect on the well being and protection of women and children in the region. For example, economic growth is resulting in widening disparities both within and between countries. The lure of better economic opportunities draws marginalised woman and children into situations where they become easy targets for traffickers. Rapid urbanization is eroding traditional social security networks of families and communities. Relaxation of trade barriers and improvements in transport and communications infrastructure is facilitating movement across national and international borders. And political instability reduces the choices for families as they struggle to survive.\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:59:\"images/t/350/violation-of-children-s-and-women-s-rights.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:60:\"images/t2/350/violation-of-children-s-and-women-s-rights.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:42:\"violation-of-children-s-and-women-s-rights\";s:5:\"pages\";s:2:\"10\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:3;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"172141\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:15:\"lawfirmnewswire\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:4:\"5594\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:31:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:81:\"Commit to Getting Control of Finances and Wellbeing When Getting Divorced in 2012\";s:11:\"description\";s:485:\"Orange County, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 25, 2012 – January is the biggest month for divorces. After the joy of the holidays and forced family togetherness has faded, many couples resolve to separate ways and start a new beginning. But one of the hardest parts of getting divorced is getting the finances figured out. Questions involve how to live on one income? How to divide the business or marital home and use the money wisely? How to help the kids in the coming months?\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:99:\"images/t/1722/commit-to-getting-control-of-finances-and-wellbeing-when-getting-divorced-in-2012.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:100:\"images/t2/1722/commit-to-getting-control-of-finances-and-wellbeing-when-getting-divorced-in-2012.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:81:\"commit-to-getting-control-of-finances-and-wellbeing-when-getting-divorced-in-2012\";s:5:\"pages\";s:1:\"1\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:4;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"378525\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:10:\"ideseditor\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:6:\"556127\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:19:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:92:\"Optimal Design of Measurement-Type Current Transformer Using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm\";s:11:\"description\";s:526:\"In this paper a new approach based on Shuffled Frog\nLeaping Algorithm (SFL) for measurement-type current\ntransformer(CT) design has been presented. This algorithm\ncan present designed parameters of sample current\ntransformer so that minimizes ratio and phase displacement\nerrors to 1.2 times of rated current and transformer made cost\nalso. Finally, several current transformers with different rated\nvalues are designed and results show that the proposed\napproach can be used for optimal design of current transformer\nperfect.\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:110:\"images/t/3786/optimal-design-of-measurement-type-current-transformer-using-shuffled-frog-leaping-algorithm.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:111:\"images/t2/3786/optimal-design-of-measurement-type-current-transformer-using-shuffled-frog-leaping-algorithm.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:92:\"optimal-design-of-measurement-type-current-transformer-using-shuffled-frog-leaping-algorithm\";s:5:\"pages\";s:1:\"5\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:5;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:5:\"36205\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:7:\"roberto\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:1:\"0\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:25:\"Islam - Peaceful Religion\";s:11:\"description\";s:1295:\"I have been asked to shed some light on Islam as a peaceful religion. In view of the shortage of time, I can only address this subject briefly. Whenever one wishes to speak about Islam as a religion of peace, the question naturally springs to mind that whereas there are so many religions in the world such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., when it comes to finding out whether Islam is a religion of peace, why should Islam be the odd one out? One reason for this is that a few years after the beginning of Islam, anti-Islamic powers began a propaganda that Islam is a religion of extremism and violence and wants to compel others into belief by means of the sword. This, of course, is incorrect. In the beginning, the Muslims of Makkah suffered persecution but they remained silent. Finally, they migrated to Madinah but there too the disbelievers hounded the Muslims and forced upon them a battle to which I will revert later. The proof against those opponents who allege that Islam was spread by the sword is that although the disbelievers of Makkah raised all sorts of objections, yet history stands witness to the fact that the people of Makkah themselves never complained that the Muslims had used the sword against the disbelievers to compel them to change their faith.\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:40:\"images/t/363/islam-peaceful-religion.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:41:\"images/t2/363/islam-peaceful-religion.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:23:\"islam-peaceful-religion\";s:5:\"pages\";s:2:\"12\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"5\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"1\";}i:6;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"127782\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:6:\"etoile\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:1:\"0\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:45:\"Volume 9 A Guidelines On Pharmacovigilance[1]\";s:11:\"description\";s:208:\"\n

  2. Treatment may be worse than the disease
  3. During the 1990’s, the deaths of two healthy volunteers in the US made their way to the highest political levels and forced a…\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:88:\"data/thumb/Volume-9-A-Guidelines-On-Pharmacovigilance1-Presentation-Transcript-39133.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:89:\"data/thumb2/Volume-9-A-Guidelines-On-Pharmacovigilance1-Presentation-Transcript-39133.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:44:\"volume-9-a-guidelines-on-pharmacovigilance-1\";s:5:\"pages\";s:2:\"28\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:7;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"193070\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:10:\"patyork922\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:5:\"59758\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:37:\"system-form - Some Practical Guidance\";s:11:\"description\";s:3812:\"\nRealism is a opinion program regarding the unbiased existence of objects these kinds of as a feather or the planets in the cosmos as they are, in spite of on how we assume of them, and while it is the most practical perception method, it is non-the-less a perception system, because it is started on human cognition. Belief techniques are also some thing that creates behavioral values, due to the fact they outline the character of the actuality one particular exists in, and by undertaking so, the variety of distinct culture related behavior exists in their present, past and foreseeable future forms. \n\nBut place the personal B involving New Agers and you are going to commence to actualize the void among the opinion methods they carry out their behavioral values from. Time for existence is way too precious for neither of them to get started to cast stones on just about every other, just because the way they interpret the reality in a different way, and the distinctions they have exist only in the neurology they have been habitualized to have. With the freedom of cognition, they are the two free of charge to exist as they wish to decide on their fate as, and it would be damaging to each, A and B if they experimented with to get the flexibility they believe in absent from each and every other\'s, even a signal of loss of individual integrity in excess of one\'s possess beliefs. \n\nIn a practical entire world, and in a job oriented modern society who believes that the volume of modern society vast developmental and constructive labor is the amount of betterment of the society for the benefit of future descendants, whom among A and B do you imagine will control to modify his or habits to be in successful correlation with the advancement oriented modern society? We must also add to this the psychology of bringing down ambitions and its displacement with divine egotism the A is influenced with, and the parallel perceptions of the worlds they have. \n\nConsider an person A who is actually into New Age beliefs, and then think about how conditioned his or her sub-acutely aware brain features are to interpret the phenomenal earth via a lens that has magical forces and adaptations from psychology, this kind of as affirmations conducted from autosuggestion, or legislation of attraction done from re-enforcement finding out, NLP, neuropsychology of how behaviors can be changed with new behavior, and the psychology of how interrelations result in the development of psychological correlates between men and women, blended with some magical relishes and some actually purposeful regulations of results adapted immediately from Napoleon Hill, not from some buried historical scripture. \n\nPerson B is a realist, and reads for case in point Napoleon Hill to advance his or her vocation, believes in the newest end result of science, and is aware that even though it is essential to make up a confidence even if it suggests the use of autosuggestion this sort of as \"I\'m not afraid of what other individuals think\", that he or she need to also work challenging to build the gentleman or the female he or she envisions to use the specialization of the possible present in the capacity of his or her brains. Specific B also employs the time readily available for relaxation with constructive hobbies and to this sort of that acquire his or her cognitive talents additionally so that he or she is a bit smarter each day. And as a substitute of believing in any magical forces that would routinely carry fortunes to his or her everyday living just mainly because he or she so enthusiastically thinks over and about once again, he or she is familiar with the price of strategic arranging, and disciplined inside business to roll up his or her sleeves to transfer into the situations through actions. \n\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:53:\"images/t/1931/system-form-some-practical-guidance.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:54:\"images/t2/1931/system-form-some-practical-guidance.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:35:\"system-form-some-practical-guidance\";s:5:\"pages\";s:1:\"1\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:8;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"274208\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:5:\"ccstb\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:5:\"45780\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:57:\"Wildfire burns more than 23,000 acres in Washington State\";s:11:\"description\";s:222:\"The Taylor Bridge wildfire which began on Monday near the small town of Cle Elum, Washington, has destroyed more than 23,000 acres, injured 2 firefighters, damaged more than 60 homes and forced over 400 people to evacuate.\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:75:\"images/t/2743/wildfire-burns-more-than-23-000-acres-in-washington-state.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:76:\"images/t2/2743/wildfire-burns-more-than-23-000-acres-in-washington-state.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:57:\"wildfire-burns-more-than-23-000-acres-in-washington-state\";s:5:\"pages\";s:2:\"10\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}i:9;O:8:\"stdClass\":13:{s:2:\"id\";s:6:\"413389\";s:6:\"status\";s:8:\"verified\";s:11:\"author_name\";s:5:\"ijret\";s:9:\"author_id\";s:6:\"566473\";s:14:\"author_website\";s:0:\"\";s:5:\"title\";s:91:\"EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION ON THE EFFECT OF FIN PITCH ON THE PERFORMANCE OF PLATE TYPE FINS\";s:11:\"description\";s:1494:\"Heat transfer enhancement devices are widely used in various industrial, transportation, or domestic applications such as thermal power plants, means of transport, heating and air conditioning systems, electronic equipments and space vehicles. In all these applications, improvements in the efficiency of heat exchangers can lead to substantial cost, space and materials savings. The research work summarized in this paper presents an experimental investigation on the effect of fin pitch on the fin performance using plate type fins. The experiments were carried out in the laboratory using a test rig having provisions for attaching plate type fins to a flat base plate. The experiments were conducted for different fin pitch settings. Three plate type fins were used in this study. Three fin pitch settings 1cm, 2cm, 3cm were employed under free and forced heat transfer conditions. The heat transfer area was kept the same. The fin performance parameters heat transfer coefficient, base temperature and temperature profile along the length of the fin were studied and compared for different cases. Experimental results show that the effect of fin pitch on fin performance is significant. The effect is more pronounced at higher air flow velocities over the fin surface. The maximum increase in convection heat transfer coefficient value obtained is about 20 percent. The increase in heat transfer coefficient value is also manifested by a corresponding decrease in the fin base temperature.\";s:5:\"thumb\";s:109:\"images/t/4134/experimental-investigation-on-the-effect-of-fin-pitch-on-the-performance-of-plate-type-fins.jpg\";s:6:\"thumb2\";s:110:\"images/t2/4134/experimental-investigation-on-the-effect-of-fin-pitch-on-the-performance-of-plate-type-fins.jpg\";s:9:\"permalink\";s:91:\"experimental-investigation-on-the-effect-of-fin-pitch-on-the-performance-of-plate-type-fins\";s:5:\"pages\";s:1:\"7\";s:6:\"rating\";s:1:\"0\";s:5:\"voter\";s:1:\"0\";}}', `cache_on` = '2015-02-28 07:27:40' WHERE `aff_id` = '159220'