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2004 Nissan 350Z Owners Manual

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2004 Nissan Fairlady Z or Nissan 350 z owners manual, contains vaious thing but a service manual, repair manual of Nissan 350Z
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Content Preview
Welcome to the growing family of new NISSAN
tenance requirements, assisting you in the
owners. This vehicle is delivered to you with
safe operation of your vehicle.
confidence. It was produced using the latest
This vehicle should not be modified. Modi-
techniques and strict quality control.
fication could affect its performance,
safety or durability, and may even violate
This manual was prepared to help you under-
governmental regulations. In addition,
stand the operation and maintenance of your
damage or performance problems result-
vehicle so that you may enjoy many miles of
ing from modification may not be covered
driving pleasure. Please read through this
under NISSAN warranties.
manual before operating your vehicle.
Follow these important driving rules to
A separate Warranty Information Booklet
help ensure a safe and comfortable trip
explains details about the warranties cov-
This manual includes information for all
ering your vehicle. The NISSAN Service
for you and your passengers!
options available on this model. There-
and Maintenance Guide explains details
fore, you may find some information that
¼ Never drive under the influence of
does not apply to your vehicle.
about maintaining and servicing your ve-
alcohol or drugs.
hicle. Additionally, a separate Customer
¼ Always observe posted speed limits
All information, specifications and illustrations in
Care/Lemon Law Booklet (U.S. only) will
this manual are those in effect at the time of
explain how to resolve any concerns you
and never drive too fast for condi-
printing. NISSAN reserves the right to change
may have with your vehicle, as well as
specifications or design at any time without
clarify your rights under your state’s lemon
¼ Always use your seat belts. Refer to
“Child safety” and “Child restraints”
Your NISSAN dealer knows your vehicle best.
in the “Safety — Seats, seat belts and
When you require any service or have any
supplemental restraint system” sec-
questions, we will be glad to assist you with the
tion for precautions regarding chil-
extensive resources available to us.
¼ Always provide information about the
proper use of vehicle safety features
to all occupants of the vehicle.

Before driving your vehicle please read
¼ Always review this Owner’s Manual
your Owner’s Manual carefully. This will
for important safety information.
ensure familiarity with controls and main-

You will see various symbols in this manual.
They are used in the following ways:
Engine Exhaust, some of its constituents,
and certain vehicle components contain
or emit chemicals known to the State of
This is used to indicate the presence of a
California to cause cancer and birth de-
hazard that could cause death or serious
fects or other reproductive harm. In ad-
personal injury. To avoid or reduce the
dition, certain fluids contained in ve-
risk, the procedures must be followed
component wear contain or emit chemi-
cals known to the State of California to
cause cancer and birth defects or other
reproductive harm.
If you see this symbol, it means “Do not do
this” or “Do not let this happen”.
This is used to indicate the presence of a
hazard that could cause minor or moder-
ate personal injury or damage to your
If you see a symbol similar to these in an
vehicle. To avoid or reduce the risk, the
illustration, it means the arrow points to the front
procedures must be followed carefully.
of the vehicle.
Arrows in an illustration that are similar to these
indicate movement or action.
Arrows in an illustration that are similar to these
All rights reserved. No part of this Owner’s Manual may be
call attention to an item in the illustration.
reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted
in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical,
photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior
written permission of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Welcome To The World Of NISSAN
to the supply of lubricants, parts and accessories.
NISSAN pioneered the use of electronics and
computers in automobiles, and has led the industry
in improving both performance and fuel efficiency
through new engine designs and the use of syn-
thetic materials to reduce vehicle weight. The
company has also developed ways to build quality
into its vehicles at each stage of the production
process, both through extensive use of automation
and — most importantly — through an awareness
that people are the central element in quality
From the time the parts arrived from our suppliers
until you took delivery of your new NISSAN, dozens
of checks were made to ensure that only the best
jobwas being done in producing and delivering
your vehicle. NISSAN also takes great care to
Your new NISSAN is the result of our dedication to
the facilities include the Nissan Manufacturing
ensure that when you take your NISSAN to your
produce the finest in safe, reliable and economical
facility in Smyrna, Tennessee, vehicle styling de-
dealer for maintenance, the service technician will
transportation. Your vehicle is the product of a
sign at Nissan Design America, Inc. in San Diego,
perform his work according to the quality stan-
successful worldwide company that manufactures
California, and engineering at Nissan Technical
dards that have been established by NISSAN.
cars and trucks in over 17 countries and distributes
Center North America in Farmington Hills, Michi-
them in 170 nations.
gan. Additionally, NISSAN employs nearly 18,000
Safety has also been built into your NISSAN. As
people throughout the United States, Canada, and
you know, seat belts are an integral part of the
NISSAN vehicles are designed and manufactured
Mexico. An additional 71,000 people work for the
safety systems that will help protect you and your
by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. which was founded in
1,500 NISSAN and INFINITI dealers across North
passengers in the event of a sudden stop or an
Tokyo, Japan in 1933, and NISSAN affiliates world
accident. We urge you to use the seat belts every
wide, collectively growing to become the fifth
time you drive the vehicle.
largest automaker in the world. In addition to cars
NISSAN is also a substantial contributor to the
and trucks, NISSAN also makes forklift trucks,
Canadian economy. Nissan Canada Inc., its sup-
The NISSAN story of growth and achievement
marine engines, boats and other diversified prod-
pliers and over 140 dealers employ approximately
reflects our major goal: to provide you, our cus-
4,500 people. These include company employees
tomer, with a vehicle that is built with quality and
and the staffs of NISSAN dealers all across
craftsmanship — a product that we can be proud
NISSAN has made a substantial and growing
Canada. In addition, many Canadians work for
to build and you can be proud to own.
investment in North America. NISSAN’s commit-
companies that supply NISSAN and NISSAN deal-
ment is nearly $4 billion dollars in capital invest-
ers with materials and services ranging from op-
ments in facilities across the continent. Some of
eration of port facilities and transportation services

Both NISSAN and your NISSAN dealer are dedicated to serving all your automotive needs. Your satisfaction with your vehicle and your NISSAN dealer
are our primary concerns. Your NISSAN dealer is always available to assist you with all your automobile sales and service needs.
However, if there is something that your
The Consumer Affairs Department will ask for
You can write to NISSAN with the information
NISSAN dealer cannot assist you with or you
the following information:
on the left at:
would like to provide NISSAN directly with
— Your name, address, and telephone
For U.S. mainland and Alaska customers
comments or questions, please contact our
Nissan North America, Inc.
(NISSAN’s) Consumer Affairs Department us-
— Vehicle identification number (on dash panel)
Consumer Affairs Department
ing our toll-free number:
— Date of purchase
P.O. Box 191
For U.S. mainland customers
— Current odometer reading
Gardena, California 90248-0191
— Your NISSAN dealer’s name
For Hawaii customers
— Your comments or questions
Nissan Motor Corporation in Hawaii
For Hawaii customers
2880 Kilihau St.
1-808-836-0888 (Oahu Number)
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
For Canadian customers
For Canada customers
Nissan Canada Inc.
5290 Orbitor Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4Z5
We appreciate your interest in NISSAN and thank you for buying a quality NISSAN vehicle.

Table of
Illustrated table of contents
Safety — Seats, seat belts and supplemental
restraint system
Instruments and controls
Pre-driving checks and adjustments
Heater, air conditioner and audio systems
Starting and driving
In case of emergency
Appearance and care
Maintenance and do-it-yourself
Technical and consumer information

0 Illustrated table of contents
Exterior front............................................................................ 0-2
Exterior rear ............................................................................. 0-3
Instrument panel..................................................................... 0-5
Engine compartment check locations .............................. 0-6

1. Hood (P.3-9)
2. Windshield wiper and washer
— Switch (P.2-20)
— Wiper replacement (P.8-20)
3. Interior light (P.2-37)
4. Power windows (P.2-35)
5. Towing hook installation (P.6-10)
6. Headlight, park and turn signal lights
— Switch (P.2-22)
— Bulbreplacement (P.8-25)
7. Tires
— Wheel and tires (P.8-30, P.9-9)
— Flat tire (P.6-2)
8. Outside mirrors (P.3-17)
9. Doors
— Keys (P.3-2)
— Door locks (P.3-3)
— Keyfob(P.3-4)
0-2 Illustrated table of contents

Coupe models
1. Antenna (P.4-20)
2. Rear hatch release switch (P.3-10)
3. Rear window defroster (P.2-21)
4. High-mounted stop light (Bulb) (P.8-27)
5. Rear window wiper and washer
6. License plate lights (Bulbreplacement)
7. Rear hatch release (secondary) (P.3-10)
8. Luggage compartment light (P.2-39, P.8-27)
9. Back-up, Turn signal light (Bulbreplacement)
10. Side marker, Stop/Tail light (Bulbreplace-
ment) (P.8-27)
11. Fuel
— Fuel filler lid (P.3-13)
— Fuel recommendation (P.9-3)
Illustrated table of contents 0-3

Roadster models
1. Antenna (P.4-20)
2. Trunk lid release switch (P.3-11)
3. Trunk light (P.2-39, P.8-27)
4. High-mounted stop light (Bulb) (P.8-27)
5. Rear window defroster (P.2-21)
6. Soft top (P.3-18)
7. Interior trunk lid release (P.3-12)
8. License plate lights (Bulbreplacement)
9. Back-up, Turn signal light (Bulbreplacement)
10. Side marker, Stop/Tail light (Bulbreplace-
ment) (P.8-27)
11. Fuel
— Fuel filler lid (P.3-13)
— Fuel recommendation (P.9-3)
0-4 Illustrated table of contents

11. Side ventilators (P.4-2)
12. VDC (Vehicle dynamic control) OFF switch*
(P.2-27) or TCS (Traction control system)
OFF switch* (P.2-27)
13. Soft top operating switch (for Roadster
models) (P.3-18)
14. Fuel filler lid opener switch (P.3-13)
15. Hood lock release handle (P.3-9)
16. Fuse box (P.8-22)
17. Tilting steering wheel lock lever (P.3-15)
18. Ignition switch (P.5-6)
19. Navigation system*1 or Instrument pocket
20. Rear window (and outside mirror) defroster
switch (P.2-21)
21. Heater/air conditioner control (P.4-3)
22. Audio system (P.4-6)/Clock (P.2-28)
23. Heated seat switch* (P.2-26)
24. Hazard warning flasher switch (P.2-25)
25. Tray (P.2-31)
26. Power outlet (P.2-28)
*: if so equipped
*1: Refer to the separate Navigation System
Owner’s Manual.
1. Headlight/turn signal switch (P.2-22)
5. Cruise control main/set switch* (P.5-15)
2. Instrument brightness control switch
6. Trip computer mode/setting switch (P.2-8)
7. Windshield wiper/washer switch (P.2-20)
3. Driver supplemental air bag (P.1-10)/Horn
8. Center ventilator (P.4-2)
9. Cup holder (P.2-31)
4. Meters/gauges (P.2-3)
10. Passenger supplemental air bag (P.1-10)
Illustrated table of contents 0-5

Document Outline

  • 2004 Nissan 350Z
  • OM4E-0Z33U0
  • Table of Contents

2004 Nissan 350Z Owners Manual



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