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A New Technology that Facilitates Hearing Loss Prevention

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In many work domains noise is something that is inevitable. Take for instance, the metals and mining industry where the workers are exposed to high decibels of sound.
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A New Technology that Facilitates Hearing Loss Prevention
In many work domains noise is something that is inevitable. Take for instance, the metals and mining
industry where the workers are exposed to high decibels of sound. With noise induced hearing loss
being an occupational hazard as proved by the increase in the number of hearing loss cases reported
and with regulatory bodies such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) coming up
with stringent regulations and penalties, almost all employers have started taking measures for hearing
protection at workplaces. However, is hearing protection the only issue bothering workers as well as
employers in the workplaces? Read along to find the answers.
The most practical way of achieving effective hearing loss prevention is through safety earmuffs and
earplugs. Earmuffs and earplugs differ in the way they are worn. While earmuffs cover the entire ear,
earplugs are worn inside. Today' crop of hearing protection devices come mostly armed with Active
Noise Control technology. Active Noise Control (ANC) technology also known as Active Noise Reduction
(ANR) technology successfully suppresses unwanted noise. Though this noise cancellation technology
helps to solve the greatest problem of those working in high noise environments, it is quite ineffective
when it comes to other major issues faced by the workers in high noise environments namely effective
high noise communication and situational awareness.
In high noise environments due to the high background noise, it is definitely difficult to carry out
effective communication. With Active Noise Control technology, workers are able to ensure hearing
protection from the harmful background noise. However, when it comes to communication, workers
need to move to quieter areas, take their hearing protection off and on or speak loudly to communicate
with others. Studies show that the inability to communicate seamlessly and accurately in high noise
environments affects productivity. Workers lose over 30 minutes a day from trying to communicate in
high noise environments.
Another important issue is that of situational awareness. In any work domain, being aware of one'
surroundings is highly important to avoid accidents and mishaps. Though Active Noise Control
technology cancels noise and helps protect ears, it simultaneously reduces the users' ability to hear
speech and to remain aware of their surroundings.
What is required is a solution that brings low noise hearing experiences into high noise environments by
enabling users to communicate effectively, remain aware of their surroundings while protecting their
hearing. This is what the new SENS technology promises to deliver. So start adopting this technology to
keep accidents as well as hearing loss at bay.
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A New Technology that Facilitates Hearing Loss Prevention



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