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Activities and projects for children council members to do in their community for the welfare of children.
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Social Welfare Department
Government of Sindh
Children’s Council
We Think, We Share
Being a Member of the Children’s Council, you can play a vital role in spreading awareness about
child rights issues in your communities. Here are some ideas how you can make the difference!
Feel free to share your ideas as well… And don’t forget to send us a short written report of your
activity. Take pictures or record videos too if possible
If you have any questions or want to
discuss your activity plan write to us at: or call us on 021-34546487

 Awareness Campaigns:
Run campaigns in your school, communities and neighborhood to spread
awareness about child rights issues such as Corporal Punishment, Child Abuse,
Gender Discrimination, Child Labour, Rights of Child etc.

 Performance Arts:
Music, dance, and drama are a wonderful way for children to express ideas about child rights in
an educational and entertaining way. If you have a dance or drama club at your school or in

your community, you can use the information that you have learned about child
protection to sensitize other young people through performance. Teachers and
other community members can help you write a script that includes accurate and
appropriate information. You can also arrange Debate/Art/Essay Competitions in
schools /communities on the Child Rights Issues.

Some sample topics are:
We Think, We Share
2. I have the right to be heard.
3. Because I am a Girl…..
4. Say yes to children!
 Interviews:
Conduct interviews, interactive dialogues and discussions with your parents,
elders, school teachers, principals, community heads, class mates, friends, street
children etc. Ask them to share their views and understanding on the child rights
issues or real life stories related to such issues.
e.g. With a group of your friends, think of all the women you know in your community, and

list the ones that have become successful and respected citizens. Interview them and learn from their
experiences. How did they succeed in school? Ask your teachers and community leaders if some of these
role models can come and discuss their experiences with other children (boys and girls) and people in your
community to inspire others to move away from early marriage and keep girls in school.

 Hand Print Banner:
Put up your hands for the protection of children. Make a banner with hand prints to support a
cause related to Child Rights Issues. Get hand prints of different people and
children to show their support. Each person will leave one hand print. Also
ask them to sign their names with their hand prints. Try to get as many hand
prints as you can. Do not forget to mention the cause on the banner.

 Report Children’s Concerns to Us:
You are the children’s representative of your community and school. Stay in
touch with your friends and share with us their concerns and issues they face
related to child rights.

 Form or Join a Child Rights Club:
A child rights club is an organized group of children below the age of 18 years who have come
together to share, learn, promote their rights, and understand their
responsibilities. Clubs can be formed both in and out of school. Clubs
should always seek the consent of the Children’s Council and a head
teacher or community leader. A child rights club is an excellent way for
children to become involved in the promotion of their rights.

 Sports Teams:
Many young people, both in and out of school, are involved in group sports
like football or netball. Sport competitions (and opportunities for
entertaining presentations at half-time) are a great way to spread child
protection messages. Young people can form teams around a particular child
protection issues and before and after the game the teams can present
information to each other and to the audience. Teams and spectators could then continue to
discuss any other relevant issues.

 Community Dialogue Meetings:
Community meetings are a great forum for discussion of child protection issues. Meetings can
be held with children, or with a mix of children, teachers, parents, district
leaders and other community members. In these meetings, children can lead
a discussion about child protection issues of concern and propose solutions. If
adult members are present, this creates a great opportunity for children to
share their unique perspectives and solutions, and to advocate for themselves.




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