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AIMM Young Study Flyer

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This is the AIMM Young Study Flyer.
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Assessing inherited markers of metabolic syndrome in the young
(CNMC Protocol 3842; HU Protocol IRB-06-MED-58)

Eric P. Hoffman, Ph.D.; Yasmine Kanaan, Ph.D.

111 Michigan Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20010-2970
(202) 476-6011

Do you know anyone with
diabetes or heart disease?
Help us find out why it is so common in our population by
participating in clinical research

Howard University and the Children’s National Medical Center are seeking
volunteers between the ages of 18-35 years to participate in a research study that
looks at why some people develop risk factors for diabetes and/or heart disease
known as metabolic syndrome. No drugs will be tested in this study.

Receive blood test results
(including cholesterol, sugar, and insulin levels)

Perform VO2-max fitness test
(test used by elite athletes when training)

Receive monetary compensation (up to $75)

Are you interested in learning more?
Call: (202) 465-6806
Children’s National Medical Center

Approval Date

lcp/FWA 00004487
Institutional Review Board

AIMM Young Study Flyer



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