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Air AG

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Rheinische Straßenzeitung
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Air pollution is anything that contaminates our air or affects its composition. Polluted air can contain dust and chemicals, such as smoke from chimneys, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen monoxide. Even ...

Air - The Breath of Life

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Natural air pollution, such as gases and particulate matter from volcanic eruptions and soot from forest fires has been around for millions of years. Man- made pollution can be defined as ...


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Air pollution is the result of air being contaminated by pollutants emitted from power plants, factories, motor vehicles (e.g. cars, buses) and many other sources, including products we use in ...

Effect of Pretreatments on Quality Attributes of Air-Dehydrated Pineapple Slices

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The effect of pre-treatment methods on drying kinetics and quality attributes of air-dehydrated pineapple slices was investigated. Smooth cayenne pineapple specie obtained from Nigeria ...

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Previous research has found age-related deficits in a variety of cognitive processes. However, some studies have demonstrated age-related sparing on tasks where individuals have substantial ...

Air AG



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