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Aluminium Windows & Doors

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Aluminium's unique combination of strength and lightness enables frames, sashes and fittings to be neat and unobtrusive. Because the frames, rails and stiles can be finer than those made in wood, they allow maximum entry of light and provide unobstructed views.
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Content Preview
Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium windows
and doors
Aluminium’s unique combination of strength and lightness
enables frames, sashes and fittings to be neat and
unobtrusive. Because the frames, rails and stiles can be
finer than those made in wood, they allow maximum entry
of light and provide unobstructed views.
Aluminium doesn’t require painting while its dimensional
stability ensures years of trouble free operation.
Aluminium windows and doors come powder coated in a
range of colours to match your home, but it’s important to
choose frame colours carefully as powder coated surfaces
cannot be repainted.

Plan before you buy
Whether you’re building or renovating, choosing the right
Aluminium windows and doors ...................2
windows and doors for your home is as important as
Plan before you buy .....................................3
choosing the architectural style itself. Usually covering
Aluminium Architectural Series ...................4
more than half the surface area of the average house, the
right window and door choice can make a home inviting
Bushfire rated range ....................................5
from the outside, appear more spacious from the inside,
Window and door styles ..............................6
enhance the architectural style and increase the value of
Single and double hung windows ...............8
the house.
Awning windows .......................................10
There are many issues to consider before you can choose
Sliding windows .........................................13
the right window or door for your home.
Casement windows ...................................14
Apart from how it looks, there are the practicalities –
location, how it opens, how much ventilation you want,
Bi-fold windows .........................................16
and most importantly whether the product you buy is
Hinged patio doors ....................................18
suitable for its intended purpose.
Bi-fold patio doors......................................21
As you will probably only buy windows and doors once
Sliding patio doors .....................................22
or twice in your lifetime, it is a decision that you should
Custom made windows and doors ...........24
consider carefully.
Glass and glazing options ..........................25
At Stegbar we have built a reputation based on innovative
design, unsurpassed craftsmanship, leading edge
Stegbar Installation Service .......................26
technology, and uncompromising customer service.
Adding value to your home .......................27
Our professionally trained sales consultants will help you
Display Centres .............................Back page
find the perfect solution for your home.

Architectural Series
Stegbar Aluminium Architectural is a premium series
of windows and doors designed to complement modern
architectural styles. The large box section shape of the
frame with its straight lines and crisp edges creates
a visually stunning impact. Elegantly and intelligently
designed to withstand all weather extremes, Stegbar
Aluminium Architectural windows and doors is sure to
make your home not only look great but provide you with
a lifetime of comfort. Inspired elegance.
For further information regarding this series and the
products available contact a Stegbar sales consultant
or refer to the Stegbar Aluminium Architectural brochure
available at

Bushfire rated range
Living in the Australian bush offers a lifestyle beyond
compare. But the threat of bushfires is never far from
your doorstep and needs to be considered when building
or renovating in such an idyllic setting.
Australian homes need innovative windows and doors to
brave our harsh environment, to help control temperature
and light and to look good inside and out.
This product bushfire rated.
With this in mind, Stegbar has developed – and extensively
tested – a range of aluminium and cedar windows and
doors that meet BAL 40 certification, giving you peace of
mind against the threat of bushfires. The range eliminates
the need for bulky shutters, fire curtains or screens on
fixed glazing.
For more information refer to the Stegbar Bushfire
brochure available at

Window and door styles
A window consists of an outer frame that goes in the
hole in the wall, and a sash frame that holds the glass.
The style of the window refers to how the sash operates
or opens within the outer frame.
There are four traditional styles of windows – double
hung, awning, casement, and sliding. The one that is most
appropriate for you can depend on a number of factors such
as how they operate and how much ventilation they allow.
Where you place doors and the style that you use will
have a substantial impact not only on how you enter or
exit your home, but also on the functionality of rooms
and the safety and security of your home.
Doors are available in three styles – hinged, bi-fold and
sliding. Like windows, selecting the most appropriate door
style depends on a number of factors.
Talk to Stegbar about what is best for you and your home.

Double hung windows have two vertically
Stegbar quality
sliding sashes which slide past each other
in a single frame.
Single hung windows have one fixed
and one opening sash.
All Stegbar products are covered by a
straightforward, easy to understand guarantee
that reflects the confidence with which Stegbar
recommends our products to you.
Bi-fold patio doors have a series of
Awning windows are hinged
Every Stegbar product has a specific guarantee
between 2 to 7 doors, hinged so they
along the top horizontal edge
that covers workmanship, performance and
fold onto themselves.
and the bottom opens outwards.
durability. Most Stegbar products are guaranteed
for up to seven years.
And incidentally, isn‘t it comforting to realise that
with over 50 years of success in the building
industry, Stegbar will certainly be around to
Sliding patio doors have two
Casement windows are either
offer guaranteed service, spare parts and advice
or more panels which slide past
hinged along a vertical edge
should you ever need it.
each other horizontally within
or pivoted on the top and
the frame.
bottom, and open outwards
from the opposite side.
Hinged doors are hinged
Sliding windows have two or more
on either the left or the
sashes, which slide past each other
right and can open either
horizontally within the frame.
inwards or outwards.

Single and double
hung windows
The timeless character of the double hung window has
made it one of the most popular window choices available.
Ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes, the
Stegbar aluminium double hung window provides the
ultimate in ventilation control, allowing you to direct air
through the top, bottom, or both sashes together.
Featuring a spring balance system, the aluminium double
hung window will provide a lifetime of smooth and rattle
free operation. A unique finger grip groove for easy lifting
and a cam catch to provide better weather protection and
security are standard features.
The aluminium double hung window is also available as
a single hung window – one fixed sash and another sash
that slides up and down.

Standard window
Standard features
 Adjustable spring balances for easy operation
 Keyed lock for added security
 Cam catch provides pressure clamping
 Interlockers for increased window strength
 Screens can be fitted or removed from inside
the room
 For bushfire areas the range is available
up to BAL 29
 A range of glazing solutions available
 External aluminium insect screens
 Single or double hung sashes
 Plain glass or various glazing bar designs
 A range of standard and custom colours
 A variety of window style configurations

Awning windows
Aluminium awning windows have a pleasant slimline
architectural appearance, which makes them one of the
more discreet window types available.
Often chosen because of their functional design, awning
windows are ideal in situations where furniture or kitchen
benches prevent easy access to the window. The chain
winder allows easy operation without interfering with
insect or security screens.
Another feature of the awning window is that it can be left
partly open during inclement weather to allow continuous
ventilation, while at the same time not letting in any of
nature’s undesirable elements.

Aluminium Windows & Doors



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