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Anatomy of an Amazon Sales Page

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Anatomy of an Amazon Sales Page, make money with amazon, make money from amazon, amazon education
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Discover how to make $2000 Daily Commissions In 2012!
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Anatomy Of An Amazon $ales Page

Anatomy of An Amazon
Sales Page
My A-Z Steps For Creating Hyper-Effective
Sales Pages That Convert
Written By Jeff Carson
Who Am I? My Quick Story.
My name is Jeff Carson. Up until last year, I would have described my
professional life as a "serial golf course employee". I've always been
sucked back into the business, either working as a caddy or in the outside
operations side of things.
Those of you who are like me and have the good fortune to be a part of
any service industry know the nagging resentment that builds up over
many years of sacrificing your time and effort for the happiness of others.
You've swal owed your pride numerous times for the sake of keeping your
job, making sure to smile when that loud-mouth rich a-hole points out
how dirty his 9-iron is...NO MORE!!
...I'm sweating. Sorry, let me take a moment...
But seriously, becoming the golfer and not the golf employee was my
motivation. I started online in 2008 and have slowly but surely built my
way up to where I am. "Where I am" is not "where I want to be", not by a
long shot! But I'm getting there, because I proudly turned down the golf
course job offered to me again this year thanks to my success sel ing
Amazon products.
Last month was my best month ever with just under $10,000 in
commissions, and this month looks to be pretty similar in earnings,

definitely enough to convince me to press on and never look back.
I've accomplished and learned a lot in the couple of years or so through
trial and error, and I hope this report showing my approach helps you.
I didn't recognize very fast that Amazon was the easiest thing for me to
make money with. I kept thinking I had to diversify. I've now realized

that I was perhaps diluting my efforts instead. Now I'm concentrating
solely on, and making thousands of dollars per month with, Amazon

NOTE: Although the rest of this report wil be about sel ing products on
Amazon, these techniques and concepts wil work for any sort of affiliate
marketing. Since we wil be exclusively talking about how to better help

people on our websites, how can they not?
You wil get some great ideas on how to raise the conversion rates and

rankings for your Clickbank, Commission Junction, and other affiliate
network sites. I've re-worked my main pages for my hosting niche

(Commission Junction) website and increased earnings to $1,600 last
month, and it's starting off even stronger this month. Even Adsense

websites tend to benefit. Most people wil make it a point to create crap-
content for these sites, when doing the opposite can make it easier for

your sites to rank and be more lucrative. Okay, moving on...
Why Amazon?
Everyone asks the same question when they first start looking into the
Amazon Associates program. "How do you make money on Amazon when
the commissions are so low?"
Yes, the commissions are a low percentage, but the dol ar amount is often
respectably high with the types of products that sel the most (we'll talk
about that), and the conversion rate is MUCH higher than the typical rates
for Clickbank or anything else.
My conversion rate for the entire year last year was 7.21%. This year is
pretty similar so far at 7.25%. Last month was 8.28%. This is respectable

compared to the 1% to 2% or so conversion many experts talk about
with Clickbank and other programs.

"Would you like some `Urine-B-Gone Spray With Black Light' to go with
your television purchase?"
You'll get the commissions from al the purchases people make during
their shopping session in Amazon, not just the product you are
promoting. It can be comical what people wil purchase along with bigger
ticket items, and also very lucrative.
They'll sit down and purchase a pair of headphones or a television, then
remember they need that 100 pack of Cheetohs, 2 pack of underwear,
and some cleaning products, al of which you earn a commission on.
Amazon Trust
It has become a very accepted, trusted, and normal practice to shop on, and it's only going to get more popular with Americans and
other world internet shoppers over time.
Many people wil be surfing the web and find a great product, then check
if they can find it on Amazon because they know they wil get lower prices
on the vast majority of products, no sales tax in the majority of U.S.
states, and free shipping for purchases over $25 dol ars and for Amazon
Prime members.
A simple comparison of the same product sold on, and, let's say,, wil convince pretty much anyone
to buy from Amazon. Amazon also has renowned customer service.
They'll (usual y) take anything back and work with customers until they
are completely happy.
It's also common for people, like my wife, to brag about their "Amazon
Prime Membership" status. People who have this wil get free 2 day
shipping without a minimum purchase, they get to share their benefits
with other people, etc...
Bottom line, people LOVE shopping at Amazon.

"Alright Already!"
Okay, you get it. Amazon is trusted. Let's get started on how to exploit this
for our gain and learn how to create "hyper-converting" Amazon sales
The 1st Golden Rule: Choose Good Products
This sounds so "master of the obvious" I know...but I remember when I
first started out that I would just put any old link on the web page. I
wouldn't put any thought into products I was pushing. I just promoted
them because they had the highest payout, and they were in the niche.
I recently re-vamped an entire golf website I did a year or so ago and
gagged at the products I was linking to. Look at these reviews of a product
I was linking to...
I personal y would NEVER buy this product after looking at those 2
reviews. There is nothing you could say to sway me otherwise...the first
review could have been a fluke for that person, maybe he put it together
wrong, but the second review has me thinking, "No thanks. Was that net
even tested by GOLFERS?"

So it's no wonder that the website wasn't making sales! People
immediately discounted the site as not knowing what it was talking about.
After looking very closely and doing some basic research, I found that
actual y most golf nets on the market are terrible except for these two...
(Hmmmm...A little better product to be promoting! 11 Five-Star reviews,
and a big commission!)
These 2 products, when you think about it, sel themselves! Increased
earnings with the same amount of traffic for this site became the
immediate benefit.
Bottom Line? Sell products that sell themselves on Amazon. *There is a
direct correlation between how good the product reviews are (and how
many of them there are) to how easily you will be able to convert sales.

Hint- Use the "Best Seller" sorting when looking at a line of products in

The 2nd Golden Rule: Give People Very, Very, Helpful Content
The rest of this report wil be about this simple idea. How do you make
your web page SO helpful that they don't need to do any more searching?
How do you do everything in your power to make your page the last thing
they see before clicking over to Amazon and hitting the buy button?
7 Steps To Making An Online Purchase
Let's take a look at some steps that someone might go through, starting
from having an idea for a purchase, to ultimately purchasing in the end.
Step 1) Person gets a bright idea that they want a certain product. This is
a general idea. "I want a gril !", or "I want a GPS device"...whatever.
Step 2) Person attempts to become an expert on said product.

Step 3) The person finds products that meet the standards they have
decided are important at the price they are wil ing to pay. Which are the
best at different price points? What are the popular brand names?
Step 4) Person finds what other people have to say about the product
they think is a good choice. (Reviews)
Step 5) Person finds alternatives for their first choice.
Step 6) Person compares between two or three options, finds flaws in
their first choice (or not) and reconciles if they are wil ing to live with
them or not.
Step 7) Person BUYS the best choice on Amazon.
Going through this thought process (in any order) as a marketer is
extremely important. You want to have al the thoughts, objections, and
preferences in mind before you begin creating your review.
Your web page/website needs to address each and every one of these

steps (or more if the product cal s for it), or else the shopper wil go to a
different website to find the missing information!
A lot of people wil ignore a step or two, because it takes a few extra
minutes, or maybe an extra hour to do. Or they think, "I'm working too
hard on this". For instance, if you don't mention alternatives to a product,
it begs the question, and people wil think... "Yeah, but what other
products are out there?" Now they are off your page...for good.
If there is an obvious flaw or something missing from the product, or if it's
total y different from others, you must talk about it! Why is something
missing? Why could it be perceived as flawed by some? Are people giving
it bad reviews? Are the bad reviews valid or are those people obviously
mistaken? Etc...
Talking over peoples' heads?
Or maybe you launch into how a product is the best, but you aren't
explaining technical terms for the lay-person who is reading. Now you
aren't helping them become the expert on the subject first, so they can't
make an informed decision.
If you don't explain everything, they'll go somewhere else for the
knowledge! Dumb it down for people when needed, and do more
research to learn more so you can sound like an expert when needed.
What About The Shopper Who Doesn't Know They Are A Shopper Yet?
Often times the greatest converting websites are "how to" websites, that
inform people how to do something, then inform them how much easier
it is with a certain product.
Off the top of my head... Let's say someone searched for "How to tune
the Guitar" on Google.
(As marketers, we are salivating, thinking "Oooo, sel them the guitar

Yeah, but you HAVE to teach them exactly how to tune the guitar, without
a tuner first, in a clear and concise way, not trying to dupe them into
purchasing a tuner.
This wil create a great sense of trust with visitors, not to mention help
you rank highly in Google with less back linking effort!
Then you could add that tuning without a tuner is difficult because...of al
the various reasons for this particular topic.
For Example: Instead of just saying, "Tuning by ear without a tuner is
much more difficult and unreliable than using an electronic tuner"...
Instead, you want to get super-specific, and therefore more persuasive, by
saying something like...
"Tuning without a tuner can become unreliable for many reasons.
Warping and imperfections in the guitar neck can throw off harmonics,
background noise can interfere too much (on stage, crowded room, etc),

and it can be just plain difficult for a beginner to hear and tune to exact

Al of a sudden readers who are persuaded by those reasons feel they
need to search for a tuner, without you pressuring them into it. And you
can provide al the information they need right there on the page (or on
another page on the site that you link to).
Writing A Review Page
I personal y envision 3 types of people and want to cater my web page to
al 3 types.
1) The Skimmer- These people want information, and they want it
yesterday! In actuality, this pretty much explains us al . For these people,
you want to "tel the whole story" with headlines, sub-headlines,
numbered lists and easy to read graphics.
2) The Reader- These people don't want to miss a single morsel of
information, so they read the entire page.
3) The Watcher/Looker- These people have no patience for the written

word and would rather see a video and pictures. They see a long written
web page and immediately hit the "back" button, even if it holds al the
information they need.
If you think about it, we can al be these types of internet searchers
depending on what type of mood we are in, right?
The Skimmer
When you cater the content to the "Skimmer", you are actually making
the content better for everyone. Always keep this in mind.

1) Break up paragraphs into only a few sentences at most.
2) Use numbered lists whenever possible, or lists with dots (symbols etc.)
3) Use pictures that convey meaning to what you are trying to say
whenever possible.
4) Use Headers a lot (H2, H3, H4 tags).
5) Use bold, italics, and underline effectively.
EXAMPLE: Let's convert those points about why an electronic tuner is
better into a more visitor friendly text.
"Tuning without a tuner can become unreliable for many reasons.
Warping and imperfections in the guitar neck can throw off harmonics,
background noise can interfere too much (on stage, crowded room, etc),
and it can be just plain difficult for a beginner to hear and tune to exact

Anatomy of an Amazon Sales Page



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