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Ancient Greek Medicine

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The Cult of Asclepios What the Cult of Asclepious was The impact of natural approaches to medicine in Greece What Am I Learning Today: All – To understand the impact…
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  1. The Cult of Asclepios
    • What the Cult of Asclepious was
    • The impact of natural approaches to medicine in Greece
    What Am I Learning Today: All – To understand the impact of religion Most – To examine the conflict between religion and natural approaches to medicine A Few – To analyse the importance of Hippocrates in limiting supernatural approaches to medicine . What Am I Looking For?
  2. Task You are an Ancient Greek who has travelled to the Asclepion at Cos. Write a letter to your friend about the temple and about your experiences. Have you been cured of your illness? Time on task – 15 mins
  3. The importance of religion
    • What does the cult of Asclepios tell you about the role of religion and its impact on medicine in Ancient Greece?
    • Why do you think so many believed in such ideas when natural approaches to medicine were being developed?
    • Time 10 mins
  5. The Theory of the Four Humours
    • Write the title The Theory of the Four Humours
    • Use the History of Medicine work books and complete tasks 1, 2 and 3. or
    • You can use the fill in the gaps exercise on pg. 12 but you still need to draw the diagram.
    • Time 15 mins
  6. Remember
    • This topic and its influence will be the topic for section A of your Medicine Exam so remember it well.
  7. Hippocrates
    • Write the title Hippocrates the Father of Medicine
    • Use the History of Medicine work books and create a speech by Hippocrates. This is because Hippocrates did not write down his ideas, but rather his followers did in the Hippocratic Corpus (The Body of Hippocratic Ideas)
    • Time 15 mins

Ancient Greek Medicine



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