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Auditioning For Musical Theatre

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Auditioning For Musical Theatre
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Content Preview
  1. Prepara&on?and? Performance? based?on?Donald?Oliver’s?How?to?Audi&on?for?Musical?Theatre?
  2. As?the?produc&on?team?considers? you,?the?following?elements? dynamically?interplay?.?.?.?
  3. and?
  4. PREPARATION? Prepara&on?
  6. Check?the?bulle&n?boards?at?a? rehearsal?studio.?
  7. Create?an? audi&on? binder?with? a?repertoire? of?songs?and? monologues?
  8. Ballad? Up?Tune? Comedy?Song? Contemporary?Musical?Theatre? PaNer?Song? Torch? Rock?Song?
  9. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Anything extremely well-known. The members of the audition team may love familiar songs—just not in an audition. Familiarity somehow breeds boredom. “Seasons of Love” from Rent
  10. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Overdone songs. Certain songs have been overdone by young auditioners and cause the audition team to roll their eyes. Also, doing a song that others have done causes the audition team to excessively compare you to other performers. “On My Own” from Les Miserables “Corner of the Sky” from Pippin
  11. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Other artists’ “signature” songs The audition team will undoubtedly compare you to the performer known for the song. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz
  12. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? One-Joke Songs. Once the listener knows the joke or is on to the gimmick, the songs seems dull on repeated hearings. “The Diva’s Lament” from Spamalot
  13. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Too Cheerful or Morally Uplifting. Keep in mind that the audition process can be very exhausting on the audition team. Your song choices can be positive, but avoid syrup.
  14. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Too Depressing Avoid bringing the audition team down. “Everybody Loves You When You’re Asleep” from I’d Rather Be Right.
  15. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Too Boastful Songs of self aggrandizement provoke hostile thoughts in the listener. “I’m the Greatest Star” from Funny Girl
  16. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Too Self-Deprecating While they may be wonderful in the context of their show, songs which portray the singer in a negative light do just that at an audition. “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago
  17. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Songs intended for the opposite gender Unless done for intentional comic effect!
  18. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Original Material
  19. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Songs written by anyone on the production team. Likewise, avoid songs from a show the director has directed, or songs from the show that you are auditioning for (unless that is requested).
  20. WHAT?NOT?TO?SING? Songs that are too difficult Remember you may be nervous, and it may effect your technical proficiency.
  21. Where?Do?I?Find?Songs??
  22. HMS?Pinafore?•?Pirates?of?Penzance?•?The?Mikado?•?Showboat?•?Porgy? and?Bess?•?Oklahoma!?•?Carousel?•?South?Paci?c?•?The?King?and?I?•?The? Sound?of?Music?•?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?Brigadoon?•? As?an?ar&st,?you?should? My? Fair? Lady? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? •? Camelot? •? Hello? Dolly!? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? •? A? Chorus? learn?all?the?masterworks? Line?•?Mame?xx? ? ? ? ? ? ?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMame?•?A?LiNle? Night? Music? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? •? Guys? And? of?musical?theatre? Dolls? •? Cats? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? •? Mack? and? Mabel•? La? Cage? Aux? Folles? •? Evita? •? Joseph? And? The? Amazing? Technicolor? Dreamcoat? •? Jesus? Christ? Superstar? •? The? Phantom? of? the? Opera?•?A?Funny?Thing?Happened?On?The?Way?To?The?Forum?•?Company? •?Follies?•?Sweeney?Todd?•?Into?The?Woods?•?Assassins?•?Annie?Get?Your? Gun?•?Bells?Are?Ringing?•?Cabaret?•?Chicago?•?Damn?Yankees?•?Fiddler? On?The?Roof?•?Finian’s?Rainbow?•?Funny?Girl?•?Bye?Bye?Birdie?•?Annie?•? Gypsy?•?Kismet?•?Kiss?Me?Kate?•?Les?Miserables?•?Man?Of?La?Mancha?•? Rent?•?Me?And?My?Girl?•?The?Fantas&cks?•?The?Music?Man?•?The?Pajama? Game? •? West? Side? Story? •? Once? Upon? A? MaNress? •? Rag&me? •? Spring? Awakening?•?Babes?In?Arms?•?Anything?Goes?•?Chicago?•?Hair?•?Grease?•???
  23. However,?carefully?note ?what?NOT?to?sing.?
  24. Look?to?some?of?the?“lesser” ?musicals.??Check?out?record ?producer?Ben?Bagley’s?various ?collec&ons?on?Painted?Smiles ?Records. ?
  25. The?Mechanics?
  26. How?To?Prepare?Your?Music? Make sure you acquire full piano accompaniment—no fake book versions or charts.
  27. How?To?Prepare?Your?Music? It is worth it to have music professionally transposed if the published score is not suitable for your voice.
  28. How?To?Prepare?Your?Music? Place your music in a binder with matted plastic sleeves.
  29. Interpretation Singing?is?merely?a?form?of?communica&on. ?
  30. Interpretation Think?of?a?song?as?a?sung?monologue. ?
  31. Interpretation Do?beat?work?for?your?song. ?
  32. Interpretation ?If?you?understand?the?character?and?his?or ? her? inten&on? for? each? moment? of? the ?song,?you?will?know?how?to?move,?breath, ? ?and?use?your?voice.?
  33. Vocal?Coach? Singing?Teacher? •? teaches?breath?support? •?guides?you?in?performing? &?vocal?produc&on? song?with?maximum? vs. e?ec&veness? •? improving?technique? •?selec&ng?the?key,?tempo,? •? coping?with?vocal? and?which?16?bars? problems? •?marking?up?the?sheet?music? to?insure?audi&on?pianists? play?the?right?thing.?
  35. Singing?The?Right?Kind?Of?Song? Pick a song from your binder that is in the same period and style as the show you are auditioning for.
  36. Singing?The?Right?Kind?Of?Song? Don’t learn a new song for each audition. The best performances come from the comfort of a song you are familiar with.
  37. Audition Do’s and Don’ts!
  38. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Take every audition seriously—whether or not you want or think you are right for the job.
  39. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! No matter what else you’ve had to do before before the audition, pull yourself together somewhere outside the place where the auditions are being held.
  40. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Auditions are notoriously off-schedule. Make the time productive rather than filling your head with worries or doubts.
  41. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! At check in, ask for whom you will be auditioning. It’s best to have as much info as possible before going in.
  42. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Leave your disappointments, anxieties or frustrations outside the audition area.
  43. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Have your music, resume, and headshot ready in your hands before entering the room.
  44. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Plan what you will sing before entering the audition room—including second songs, if asked to sing one.
  45. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Use the restroom before you are called in to perform.
  46. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Try not to come in to the audition space with personal belongings.
  47. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! When you are ushered into the audition space, your name will be announced. You should immediately go to the pianist—then to the performance spot. Sometimes you will be to the audition team, sometimes not. If not, don’t ask “who are you?” to anyone.
  48. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Don’t try to engage any member of the audition team in “icebreaker” conversation. It may backfire.
  49. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Do not introduce or reveal the title of your audition song, unless asked.
  50. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Know something about the song you’re singing; though only talk about if you are asked.
  51. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Perform full-out. Don’t hold back.
  52. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Don’t come in challenging the audition team’s casting predisposition—especially in a confrontational manner.
  53. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! If you arrive later than your appointed time, apologize without oozing, and do not offer an excuse unless asked.
  54. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! If the audition is in a room, rather than a theatre, pick a spot to sign from that is near—but not next to—the piano, a comfortable distance away from the people watching.
  55. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! While performing, do not look directly at any member of the audition team. Focus on a spot just over their heads.
  56. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Don’t use props while you audition.
  57. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! If the Director suddenly asks you to perform your song in a manner different from the way you are used to, don’t challenge him/her or resist.
  58. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! Never ask “Do you want me to sing a second song?”—either before or after your first song. You will be asked or not.
  59. Audition Do’s and Don’ts! It is highly unlikely for the audition team to offer you a role on the spot. If they are wild about you, chances are their reactions will be muted. If they don’t think you’re right, they will likely be muted. Enthusiasm or ambivalence don’t necessarily mean what you might think.
  60. What?To?Tell? The?Pianist?At? The?Audi&on?
  61. What?To?Do?If? You?Forget?The? Lyrics?
  62. It?happens?more? ocen?than?you’d? think—even?to? professionals.?? Consider?it?a? chance?to?show? o??your?ability? to?recover.?
  63. Make?up?words? or?sing?“la?la?la”? un&l?the?pianist? tells?you?the? lyric.??
  64. At?an?Open?Call?audi&on?.?.?.? Follow?direc&ons?precisely.?16?bars.?
  65. At?an?Open?Call?audi&on?.?.?.? Follow?direc&ons?precisely.?16?bars.? Stand?out?by?singing?something?that? shows?o??your?vocal?prowess.?
  66. At?an?Open?Call?audi&on?.?.?.? Follow?direc&ons?precisely.?16?bars.? Stand?out?by?singing?something?that? shows?o??your?vocal?prowess.? Stand?out?by?looking?professional.?
  67. At?an?Open?Call?audi&on?.?.?.? Follow?direc&ons?precisely.?16?bars.? Stand?out?by?singing?something?that? shows?o??your?vocal?prowess.? Stand?out?by?looking?professional.? Stand?out?by?ac&ng?professional.?
  68. At?The?Callback? Wear?the?same?clothes?&? do?your?hair?the?same? way.?
  69. At?The?Callback? Bring?the?same?two? Wear?the?same?clothes? songs?you?sang?the? ?rst?&me?to?remind? &?do?your?hair?the? same?way.? them?why?they?called? you?back.?
  70. At?The?Callback? Bring?the?same?two?songs? Wear?the?same?clothes?&? you?sang?the??rst?&me?to? do?your?hair?the?same? remind?them?why?they? way.? called?you?back.? The?directors?may?want?to? see?you?display?di?erent? “colors.”??Bring?addi&onal? songs?to?perform.?
  71. At?The?Callback? Bring?the?same?two?songs? Wear?the?same?clothes?&? you?sang?the??rst?&me?to? do?your?hair?the?same? remind?them?why?they? way.? called?you?back.? The?directors?may?want?to? see?you?display?di?erent? Avoid?singing?something? “colors.”??Bring?addi&onal? from?your?repertoire?that? songs?to?perform.? is?“rusty.”??Ask?to?come? back.?
  72. Acer?The?Audi&on?
  73. I?have?no?idea? how?it?went.?
  74. I?s&nk.?They’ll? never?cast?me.?
  75. Maybe?I’ll?major?in? business.?Even? though?that’s?not? what?I?want,?it’s? more?prac&cal.?
  76. I?was?perfect.? They?beNer?cast? me?.?.?.?or?else!?
  77. I?was?perfect,?but? they?won’t?cast? me.?They?always? give?it?to?Larry!?My? mommy?is?going?to? sue?them!?
  78. I?gave?a?great? audi&on.?Even?if?I? don’t?get?cast,?I? know?they?saw? me?at?my?best.?
  79. I?could?have? done?beNer.?? Next?&me,?I’ll? prepare?beNer.?

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