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August Homebrew Competition

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August Homebrew Competition Rules
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Content Preview
Pro-Am Home Brew Beer ComPetition
Grand Prize: a chance to brew your reciPe with the brewers at no LabeL
and have your beer on taP at muLtiPLe houston and Katy area Locations!
Official Rules and Call for Entry | Entry Deadline: 11/1/12
1. First things first... All entries must be submitted by
7. The final tasting will include the 10 overall best rated
someone at least 21 years old and have valid ID in order
beers being tasted by a panel of special guest judges
to be considered.
from around the Houston Beer Scene!
2. Beers are not to be produced in a commercially licensed
8. Contestants must be present the day of the final tasting
facility. So if you happen to live next to St. Arnold's, you
to claim prizes.
can't "just use their equipment real quick." It's called,
"home brew" for a reason.
9. The final Tasting will take place on November 11th @
3:00 P.M. in the Beirgarten at Alamo Drafthouse Mason
3. Each applicant must submit either four 12 ounce or two
Park. Bring your friends and family as we will provide
22 ounce bottles. Entries can be turned in at the Alamo
normal menu service out in the Beirgarten for anyone
Drafthouse Mason Park, and both application and beer
interested in a great day of fun and beer.
must be presented at time of entry. All entries must be
submitted by November 1st to be eligible for the contest. 10. No Label Brewing Company, will take the recipe and
In the spirit of sharing feel free to bring samples of your
reproduce, as faithful as possible to the original recipe,
entry or any other home brew the day of the Final Tasting
on a professional scale with the help of the homebrewer.
for fellow contestants and craft beer enthusiasts to taste.
If you are a Grand Champion of the Contest, you agree
to disclose your complete recipe to No Label Brewing
4. Scoring of the beer entries will be based on the follow-
Company and grant to No Label Brewing Company an
ing 6 criteria:
irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to all com-

Taste ................................................ 30%
mercial and intellectual property rights to your winning

Overall Impression ........................ 30%

beer. Entering the Contest, constitutes permission to No

Appearance ..................................... 10%
Label Brewing Company and its agencies to use your

Mouthfeel ........................................ 10%
recipe, the name of your recipe, your name, likeness,

Aroma ............................................. 10%

picture, signature, voice, audio and video recordings

Style Accuracy ............................... 10%
and biographical information in any manner or media
whatsoever (whether now known or hereafter devised)
5. Each entry should fall into the Catergory "IPA". Each bottle
anywhere in the world in perpetuity for the purpose of
should be labeled with the name and style of the beer
manufacturing, promoting, advertising and trade, of any
(For reference please see
product by No Label Brewing Company without further
catdex.php). We will not be accepting any "Double" or
compensation, unless prohibited by law.
"Imperial" IPA's, past that any form of IPA (American,
English, Black, Spiced, etc.) will be accepted.
Additional Prizes will be awarded to the 2nd through 5th
6. Due to certain constraints we will not be accepting any
place beers.
beers that have been bacterially soured, Brettanomyces
beers, or beers that require extended aging for this com-
petition. All beers must be single mash infusion only, no
* Please note this is NOT a BJCP sanctioned event and no
step infusions or decoction mashes. Additionally all in-
score sheets will be returned
gredients should be readily available at retail home brew-
ing stores or grocery stores. Last we will not be accepting Proceeds from the sale of the winning beer will be donated
any beers that require unique fermentation practices.
to a soon to be named local charity!

Pro-Am Home Brew Beer ComPetition
entrY Form
Contestant's Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Contestant's Phone Number _______________________________________________________________________________________
Contestant's Email Address ________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of the Beer __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Style of the Beer ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
To be filled out by Representative Receiving Beer
Beer Received _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Labels filled out with:
Name of Beer
Style of Beer
Representative's Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________

August Homebrew Competition



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