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barber game

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First, As a barber you are in one of if not the best profession in tha world!!!! Your job as a barber is of so importance that it's ridiculous. People rave about tha barber and they will never go to an important event unless they come see you to get sharp!!!! So let's do it..
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barber game

Give stuff away!!!!
Give away free candy,toys,movie tickets,give gift cards to em and gym memberships,,,
The list can go on and on and on....
Now,the gym memberships and gift cards,,, only give those to tha clients with the best behavior.

Barbering Techniques #2

This should have been #1
Always,Always,Always talk about the client and what the client wants to talk about. Always act
interested even if it's a subject you have no interest in with so ever.
Just ask questions like, How did you get into the field that you're in, how long have you been
doing it for??

There are no dumb or stupid questions...
Matter of fact,, The weirder the question the better the result!!!
So be brave and be inquisitive..
Don't delve too much into their personal life...
just try to make a friend..

Barbering Techniques #3

Remember their names Damnit!!!!!
I don't care how many clients you got...
People used to tell me all the time,, "damn man, You run through a lot of faces,you can't
remember everyone's name it's too hard"...

And I used to believe that.. Taking the advice from ppl who don't have what you want and are not
where you want to be will lead you to a worse place even than that.
Stay away from negative people with limited beliefs in their-selves and negative suggestions that
they try to impose on you..
I had to change that thought pattern and say " Shit, I got so many ppl to practice Name
Memorization I can really get good at this..
For more on Name memorization and how to get people to immediately like you listen to this
audio click here

barber game



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