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Best Natural Acne Treatments

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A Common Natural Treatment For Acne

Fighting acne is not easy. Perhaps the main reason why it is difficult to treat is because of its
underlying causes. The circumstances that propelled the appearance f this condition differ from
one person to another. This article will tell you simple tips to cure your acne naturally.

1. Vitamin A has a particular affect on the skin. Paradoxically too little of the vitamin causes dry
skin but so does too much.
Eating a balanced diet and ensuring sufficient quantities of the vitamin is a good start in helping
keep the skin in good condition. However there may be times when direct application to skin may
be necessary - and, as seen in the above article, it has been proven to help with many skin

2. Milk is good for babies and young children, but not so good for teenagers. Especially if you have
acne. And, surprisingly, it is not the fat in milk that makes it a problem. Milk contains certain
hormones that can cause acne breakouts. That doesn't mean that you should not drink milk all
together, of course. Coffee with cream or milk, or a bowl of cereal every now and then wouldn't do
your skin any harm. But don't drink more than a glass of milk a day.

3. It is time to start doing physical activities that can lessen stress and normalize hormone
production. Yoga is an ideal choice. This helps calm the body and the mind. It also gives you a
positive outlook in life so you can relieve stress and get rid of negative thoughts. Physical activities
also purge out toxins in the body.

4. One has to keep the skin neat and clean. Using chemical based skin products including lotion,
gel, soap, cream are to be avoided. Instead of these, one can go for herbal products. All skin
products options are available as herbal products. Go for it to have a healthy and clean skin.

5. This is not 100 percent scientifically proved, but many doctors suggest that excessive sugar can
make acne worse. Chocolates, sweets and soft drinks are loaded with sugar. Try to cut down on
them, if not illuminate completely.

6. The herb Aloe vera is well known for its skin healing properties. One can go for Aloe based skin
product or can simply apply Aloe gel onto the skin to get rid of acne. However, for oily skin, one
has to consult the cosmetologist before applying the Aloe gel.

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Best Natural Acne Treatments



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