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Binkles The Frog

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This story was written about Binkles the Frog in order to win a Diablo III beta key.
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Binkles The Frog
DiabloFans Beta Key Contest Entry

This story begins long ago in a time before humans.
Tyrael, one of the greatest archangels, sought justice! This
justice could not have been brought to the mortal world without
messengers, followers, and worshippers. Although followers and
worshippers join the cause later on, Tyrael first made
messengers! These messengers were called Rana. Ranae were great
large amphibious beings that could travel on land and water to
spread the word of justice to every organism, even the tiniest
of organisms submerged within the depths. Tyrael knew Ranae
would carry out his will, but they would also not live forever,
as they are not in the Heavens; therefore, a great improvement
was made to organisms that did not dwell in the Heavens. Genders
were created! Each Rana was presented with new organs that would
allow him or her to reproduce with a member of the opposite
gender; this eventually would be called mating or sex. This
addition to the Ranae created an extraordinary sensation which
caused them to mate constantly! Ranae were created so rapidly
that Tyrael had to spread them all over, so they wouldnt
overrun a single area. The geographic isolation of the Ranae
made for changes that drastically impacted the world to come. By

Binkles The Frog
DiabloFans Beta Key Contest Entry

now, none of the Ranae have seen Tyrael before. The only ones
that did have died off, thus some stopped believing in him. The
green Ranae of the swampland were then called Rana castanea, and
they strongly believed in Tyraels existence and supported the
teachings of justice. On the contrary, the yellow Ranae of the
forest were called Rana leucomelas, and they did not believe
Tyrael has ever existed and/or created them. They believe an
all-powerful angel will show itself one day and bring all worthy
beings into the Heavens with them. Tyrael was not happy with
this, so he immaculately concepted a YELLOW Rana in a GREEN
Rana. The Rana castaneas name was Binkla the Rana, and she was
to give birth to the lord that will rule outside the Heavens.
B y this time, humans have been introduced to the world
and the Rana castanea saw it as their job to communicate the
teachings of Tyrael with them. One flaw stood in their way:
humans spoke an odd language called English, and Ranae spoke
Croaclatin. Binkla the Rana had just given birth to her baby
Rana, but he looked different. He was very small, and yellow. No
other Rana was even close to his size: everyone towered over
him. When the new tiny Rana spoke its first words, they were not
in Croaklatin; they were in English! This new Rana could speak

Binkles The Frog
DiabloFans Beta Key Contest Entry

two languages! One of the first phrases spoken by him was "Do
not call me Rana. I am a frog. The name given to me by my mother
is Binkles, so I will be called Binkles the Frog. I was sent
here by Tyrael to finally bring justice to the world of
Sanctuary. Yes, Sanctuary is the name of this land you live on,
and it is my duty to make sure justice is brought upon it." All
the Rana castanea accepted him and supported him, but all the
Rana leucomelas saw him as a traitor! He was yellow and yet he
believed in Tyrael! They conspired to kill this King of the
Rana. Binkles the Frog learned of this and set out for New
Tristram, the home city of the humans, in hopes that they would
protect him, while he preached the word of Tyrael and helped rid
Sanctuary of evil and corruptness.

Binkles The Frog



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