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Booking 1930s Bands: 4 Crucial Factors to Consider

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From intimate cocktail parties to private weddings to large scale gala dinners, Jivin' Miss Daisy brings that authentic swing band and 1920s and 30s sound to your event.
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Booking 1930s Bands: 4 Crucial Factors to Consider

Treat your guests to a very special experience featuring the best music of the 1930s. Whatever the event
- a wedding, corporate party, or anniversary - there's nothing like the swing, jazz and jive music, the
unforgettable love songs and well-loved classics of the 1930s.

But you have to be aware that a complete 1930s band is normally comprised of 12 to 15 members
playing instruments that range from trumpets, saxophones, percussion, and trombones. If you can't
accommodate the space requirements, a 4-piece combo would be a great alternative.

Yet again, with a lot of 1930s Bands out there, booking the right 30s music performers can be a
challenge. To help you with that, read on some of the important details and essential factors to mull
over, so you can hire the band that's perfect for your event.

Consider the level of experience
Whether you hire the band through an agent or on your own, be sure you do your research about the
band's quality and skill level prior to booking them. Hiring 1930s bands or any type of bands for that
matter, getting a booking agent to do the work for you would be highly recommended. This will entail
additional costs, but would all be worth it considering the time and energy it will take to track a band
and dealing with contracts and liaising.

Check their repertoire of 1930s songs
You have to make sure the band has included in the repertoire those favorite songs of the celebrants, or
a selection of songs that you want played to create the kind of atmosphere you like for the occasion. If
you can't find those special songs or tune, ask the band if they are familiar with them or if it's still
possible to learn them. Most bands for hire usually accommodate this kind of request.

Decide on the size of the band you need
The right number of 30s musicians in the band is based mainly on the number of guests you are
expecting to attend. The ideal equation if you have over a hundred people coming for the event is to get
a 6-piece or 8-piece 1930s band. Other important variables also that affect the ideal size of the band are
the venue and budget.

How much you want to spend
Set your budget - how much you want to pay for a band. This is actually the first step you have to
consider before you start looking for a band. When you have set it, it will be much easier for you to find
the 1930s band that suits your budget. But here is a very important tip: never hesitate to invest your
money in a truly topnotch band.

Start searching for the top 1930s bands out there and pick the right one that's sure to give life to your
party, wedding reception or corporate event. Follow those helpful tips above and you'll surely find the
band that's just right for you.
For an inspirational 1930s band for your event check out or call 020 8349

Booking 1930s Bands: 4 Crucial Factors to Consider



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