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Business Plan Winery

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Business plan for winery
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by on September 06th, 2012 at 01:50 am
I have a winery too.This is a great plan.Maybe I`ll do some changes and make my business winery biger.Thank you for sharing it.
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Content Preview
CB Winery


Business Plan Prepared By
Adam J. Church
Vice President Operations and Winemaker

1810 McDowel Rd.
Simcoe Ontario

Date Prepared
April 2010

Table of contents




Management team

Compensation and ownership

Board of directors/advisory board


Recruitment and selection of employees

Employee reward and incentive plan

Communication and change



Purpose of product/service

Features and benefits

Stage of development

Intel ectual property

Governmental approvals

Product/service limitations

Product/service liability

Related products/services and spin-offs





Industry profile

Current size

Growth potential

Industry trends

Other characteristics

Distribution channels

Competitive analysis

Market analysis

Target market profile


Pricing structure

Price list

Pricing policies

Market penetration

Distribution channels


Brand identity

Customer service


Advertising and promotion


Direct mail


Market activities schedule

Market penetration effectiveness



Operational systems

Operations system workflow

Operational improvements



Start-up costs

Sales projections

Income projections

Cash requirements

Sources of financing

Exit strategy

Projected financial statements

Start-up funding & expenditures
Monthly cash flow report (for three years)
Year-end income statement
Year-end balance sheet
Ratio analysis

Executive Summary

CB Winery was recently formed. The owners have been involved in product
Development and testing and are now ready to formalize their relationships and begin
production and marketing.

CB Winery, LLC, is a vertical y integrated boutique vineyard and winery located in
Simcoe, Ontario. Our annual goal is to produce, market and sel up to 5,000 gal ons of
distinctive, rich, wines ($11 to $20 a bottle) directly from the winery’s tasting room to
progressive wine consumers, and to a lesser extent through selected restaurants and
distributors. We plan to begin production August 2013 and to open our doors for sales
November 2013.


Irene C. Church RMT, OTA. /PTA. – President
Experience on tobacco farm through family business for 20 years. Knowing how
to operate a business properly through skil s learned from family and friends. This
experience in strategic business planning wil be the guiding force leading the
management team.

Adam J. Church – Vice President & Winemaker

Graduated from Ridgetown College of University of Guelph with a Horticulture
degree. Additional technical course taken at University of Guelph in the fields of
propagation of vines, wine chemistry and pest control.

CB Winery wil establish an advisory council consisting of selected business
leaders and experienced marketers along with community representation. The advisory
council wil meet with the management team semi-annual y to review strategic issues.


Premium wine consumption is up an estimated 15% in the Ontario in 2009 for
wines priced between $7 and $14 a bottle, while luxury wines ($25 and up) increased
18%. According to the Ontario Department of Agriculture Grape and Wine Program,
Ontario wines have increased their market share 42% from five years ago. With the
rapid growth of progressive wine drinkers looking for something different, CB Winery
wil create a visceral wine experience offering unique wine varietals best suited for the
region, complementing regional foods such as spicy barbecues, quail, turkey, venison,
trout, other wild game, and home-style meals.


The Church’s wil use 39 acres of their farmland for the winery and vineyard site.
The Church’s wil invest $30,000 of their own funds. Chapel Springs Winery wil annual y
purchase grapes for winery production from its sister business, Buch Vineyards.


Adam and Irene Church are investing $30,000 of their own money for the start
up costs for the winery production and tasting room facility. The company is requesting
a $25,000 loan for winery production equipment including winepress, stainless steel
fermentation and storage tanks, bottling equipment and transfer pumps.

Management team
President: Irene C. Church
As President Irene wil provide the company strategic business and financial planning
guidance. Irene’s experience and knowledge of strategic business planning will guide
the management team.

Vice President of Operations & Winemaker: Adam J. Church
Adam wil be responsible for the day-to-day winery operations. He wil determine wine
styles and implement the winemaking techniques to fit the company’s marketing
strategy. Adam wil also be responsible for winery maintenance and safety. He has
studied wine chemistry through short courses from the University of Guelph. He
regularly attends winemaking conferences, short-courses, and tastings to
stay abreast of new developments and techniques in the industry.

Compensation and ownership
CB Winery will be established as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The
management team wil own the company as follows:
John Buch 20%
Christine Buch 20%
Irene Church 30%
Adam Church 30%

Board of directors/advisory board
Advisory council member
John Buch
40 years Tobacco farmer
Christine Buch
40 years Tobacco farmer
Terry and Margaret
Florence Winery
Current Owner of Florence
Jason Woods

Technical advice on
commercial wine operations


Infrastructure member

Ryan Deyne
Accounting Services
Michael D. McArthur
Cline Backus Nightingale

Recruitment and selection of employees

For the foreseeable future, most job functions wil be performed by the four
owners. The only employees wil be part-time and wil receive on-the-job training.

Employee reward and incentive plan

Ownership of the company wil remain in the family with no plans to use stock
options or other incentives.

Communication and change

The ownership/management team meets on a weekly basis. Daily
communication is through email. The smal team is in agreement on the levels of quality
and service to be associated with CB Winery. Clear division of duties and a policy of
written updates wil ensure consistency as we grow.

Purpose of product/service

CB Winery, a boutique winery, wil provide distinctive, rich, artisan wines to
progressive wine consumers. With the rapid growth of progressive wine drinkers looking
for something different, CB Winery wil create a visceral wine experience offering
unique wine varietals best suited for the region. Our regional wines wil complement our
regional foods such as spicy barbecues, quail, turkey, venison, trout, other wild game,
and home-style meals.

Features and benefits
CB Winery wil be a vertical y integrated vineyard and winery operation al owing for
complete control of fruit and wine quality. From planting and harvesting through
production and final y to the customer’s palate, we wil work to ensure every bottle is
our best. Our operation’s unique features designed to enhance our customers’
experience include:
♦ Harvest Parties for interested friends of the winery to participate and celebrate in the
harvesting and crushing of the grapes.
♦ Environmental y friendly vineyard and winery incorporating Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) in the vineyard, and recycling and composting programs in the
♦ These wines wil complement local fare including:

Norton — a dry ful -bodied red wine native to Ontario, rich with bold cherry fruit,
and spicy oak characters made to stand up to spicy barbecue sauces, smoked meats,
and chocolate (similar to an Australian Shiraz).

Chambour — a dry medium-bodied red wine with blackberry and strawberry fruit
much like a Pinot Noir complementing many dishes including venison, and cheeses.

Cabernet Franc — a dry red wine with pretty violet aromas, firm tannins and
excellent blending qualities that wil add enjoyment to lamb dishes, steaks and other
flavorful foods.

Chardonel — a dry ful -bodied white wine similar to chardonnay with crisp acids
and pear and apple fruit flavors that go wel with chicken, veggies and fresh baked

Traminette — a slightly sweet (off-dry) white wine with some spiciness, honey
and mineral notes, rich tropical fruit that is best paired with gril ed bratwurst, German
dishes, oriental dishes and spicy foods.

Vignoles — a sweet dessert wine with loads of pineapple, honey, and a crisp
backbone to balance the sugar, making it perfect as an aperitif or after dinner sipper.

Stage of development

CB Winery is currently in the start-up stage. We plan to start production August
2013 with our first wine sales to begin in November 2013. The following is our
projected schedule:
♦ January 2012 Winery Facility and Process Design
♦ April 2012 Begin construction of facility
♦ October 2012 Complete facility
♦ February 2013 Complete instal ation of winery processing equipment
♦ August 2013 Obtain approvals and begin production
♦ November 2013 Open tasting room and begin sales

CB Winery wil continue to look for new wine varietals and styles to attract
and retain the progressive consumer. Our winemaker wil continue to stay current with
new technologies and processes in the wine industry through professional
organizations, trade journals and industry networking. The members wil continue to
use the province resources available, and attend technical winemaking short courses
and conferences.

Intellectual property
CB Winery’s trademark wil consist of the name and logo.

Government approvals

CB Winery wil meet al regulatory requirements and obtain al required bonds,
permits, licenses and approvals from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), and a
County merchant’s license prior to operation.

Product/service limitations

♦ Wine is a living product that wil change with time.
♦ White wine quality wil start to decline after two to three years in the bottle.
♦ Red wines wil improve with age for 10 years, and then begin declining.
♦ Wine can only be sold and consumed by adults 19 years or older.
♦ Wine is to be consumed in moderation, preferably with food and friends.
♦ Drinking and driving do not mix.

Product/service liability

Purveyors of food and drink run the risk of a consumer becoming il from a bad
or spoiled product. This is highly unlikely since a bad wine wil be discovered in the first
few sips. However, we wil carry insurance against this possibility. Another real risk
comes from serving alcohol and sending a customer out the door and onto the road in
an impaired driving condition. CB Winery wil promote responsible wine enjoyment,
advocating and providing education in wine’s proper use “with food, family and friends.”
Irene Buch wil manage the tasting room and wil serve food and measured amounts of
wine to guests. Bread, crackers and cheese wil be served to customers with wines. A
policy wil be established regarding identifying and handling guests that have had
enough to drink. In addition, the tasting experience wil be accompanied with
information about grape varieties, wine styles, food pairing with certain wines, and the
general winemaking process. Insurance coverage wil be obtained from Annabelle
Smith, insurance agent, specializing in Ontario’s wine industry. Lines of coverage and
limits wil be obtained based on the insurance agent’s recommendations for the
♦ Liquor liability coverage – Tasting Room service
♦ Corporate general liability coverage – Winery Premises
♦ Products liability – Wines
♦ Property coverage – Facility, equipment, contents, and inventory

Related products/services and spin-offs

The retail tasting room wil offer many wine-related accessories, wine glasses, Riedel
crystal stemware, wine-related clothing, handcrafted goods, crackers, local cheeses and
sausage meats for sale. In addition, local artists wil display their work at the winery for
sale on consignment.

The wine production process wil general y include the following steps:

1. Crush and press – grapes are crushed (broken open), and pressed to obtain

the juice in preparation for fermentation.

2. Fermentation – juice is converted to wine by adding wine yeast to the juice in

a fermentation tank and al owing it to ferment for 10 to 30 days.

3. Aging and Storage – wine is al owed settle and stabilize in tanks, then it is

racked into clean tanks leaving sediment behind. Some wine is aged in oak

barrels to impart oak characteristics. Red wines may be aged 6 to 24 months.

4. Fining, Filtering, and Bottling – fining and filtering are used to finish and clear

the wine, removing unwanted proteins and other micro particles. Bottling is the

final step of the process.

Business Plan Winery



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