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Competencies Versus Skills

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Competencies Versus Skills
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COMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLS:What are your Strengths?By Aje Cunninghamaje.cunningham@stlfsc.orgCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLSCOMPETENCIESLearnt over several years.SKILLSLearnt in a matter of months.COMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLSSCANSSecretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary SkillsFormed by U.S. Department of Labor & Education.To determine the kinds of competencies and skills workers must have to succeed in today’s workplace.Surveyed business, organizations, unions, and more.Determined that workplace competency depends on 36 skills.COMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLS36 Skills5 Competencies3-PartFoundationCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLS3-Part FoundationBasic SkillsThinking SkillsPersonal QualitiesCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLSBasic Skills1) Reading2) Writing3) Arithmetic / Mathematic4) Speaking5) Listening3-Part FoundationCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLSThinking Skills6) Creative Thinking 7) Decision Making 8) Problem Solving9) Seeking things in the mind’s eye 10) Knowing how to learn11) Reasoning 3-Part FoundationCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLSPersonal Qualities12) Responsibility 13) Self-esteem 14) Sociability15) Self-Management16) Integrity / Honesty3-Part FoundationCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLS5 CompetenciesResourcesInterpersonal SkillsInformationSystemsTechnologyCOMPETENCIES VERSUS SKILLSResourcesIdentifies, organizes, plans and allocates resources17) Time18) Money19) Material and facilities 20) Human Resources5 Competencies GroupDocument Outline
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