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Cooperative Federalism

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Cooperative Federalism By: Ellie Platt, Gaby Spangenberg, Victoria Dean and Claudia Caffery THESIS Cooperative Federalism applies to racial, national, and local issues that solve their problems by compromising between the…
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  1. Cooperative Federalism By: Ellie Platt, Gaby Spangenberg, Victoria Dean and Claudia Caffery
    • Cooperative Federalism applies to racial, national, and local issues that solve their problems by compromising between the two big powers: National and State Government.
  3. What is Cooperative Federalism? Cooperative Federalism —strong relationship between National Government and the State Government TOP CHEF OF COOPERATIVE FEDERALISM: Franklin D. Roosevelt HIS RECIPIE : The Creation of the Marble Cake Creator of the happy medium
  4. “ Court – Packing Scheme”
    • FDR wanted to expand national authority (i.e. National Recovery Administration) but the supreme court challenged him.
    • - “court-packing scheme”
    • The heart of Atlanta Motel remained segregated up till the 1960’s, this motel refused to allow blacks to stay there
    • The owner filed a law suit that argued against the 5th Amendment saying that he had a right as owner to choose who he wanted staying at his motel.
    • He also argued that the government was violating his 13th Amendment by forcing him to let blacks stay at his motel.
    • The supreme court said that the federal AND state law would not place racial discrimination issues on the public
    • The final discussion was that the motel had to accept people from all races considering they are located near many high ways and interstates, which brings business and all kinds of people
    Heart Of Atlanta Motel V. United States (1964)
    • A small family owned restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama could seat 220 people and allowed take out food for African Americans
    • The argument was that government does not have the right to impose racial regulations on private small businesses
    • Conclusion: under the commerce clause they decided to desegregate all restaurants
    Katzenbach V. McClung (1964)
  5. Methods of Implementing Cooperative Federalism
    • National government – give grants
    • Federal Grants
    • Types of Grants
      • Categorical Grants
      • Block Grants
      • Federal Mandates
        • Feeling the Pressure
  6. Works Cited
    • Bards, Shelley and Schmidt, “American Government and Politics Today: The Essentials”
    • ,
    • ,

Cooperative Federalism



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