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Costs Incurred in Running a Zoo

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Zoos are structures used to house animals. Since their establishment, they have been used for recreation, scientific research and education. Although zoos are of varying sizes, operational costs are always high due to many factors.
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The Cost of Running a Zoo

Many people are asking how much does it cost to run a zoo. The answer varies, depending on
the complex size. The San Diego Zoo has an annual budget of $150 million. Other large zoos
likely spend the same amount. Here are the reasons why zoos are so expensive.

Animal Protection

Part of the budget goes to the building of habitats for the animals. Aside from making the
creatures comfortable, the zoo must be built to withstand changing weather. The structure
must be able to withstand heavy rain and / or heat. This will require sturdy materials and

Bringing the animals into the zoo entails a lot of cost. Research has to be done on each
animal; their habits, the food, drink etc must be taken into consideration. Some animals prefer
open air while others shade. Some creatures require specific types of shelter. Does the animal
need water to live in, or some other setting? All of these things have to be assessed.

Other Factors Affecting Cost

The zoo must hire people qualified to take care of the animals. Aside from the animal trainers,
the zoo must pay for guides, curators, instructors, caretakers and exhibit organizers.

The Significance of Zoos

There are many reasons why zoos are important. Chief among them is the fact that they
provide animals home and shelter. The natural environments of creatures are being destroyed.
A zoo will keep them safe.

Recreation and Entertainment

Second, the zoo allows people to get up close and personal with animals. Children and adults
can, in the safety of the complex, see tigers, lions and other dangerous creatures without
worry. Rather than go in the wild, people can visit the place and learn about animals and how
they live.


In short, the zoo functions as an educational facility. Aside from entertaining, people will be
made aware of environment issues and the importance of conservation. Many zoos now have
field trips and special courses. These allow visitors to get familiar with the animals and the
issues surrounding them.

The zoo is also used for research. This practice started during the 19th century. The
environment is contained and controlled, making it easy for scientists to conduct studies.

The zoo is the perfect place to study the behavior of animals, their anatomy and physiology.
This makes the place vital to psychological, biological and ecological research. Zoos are also
used for breeding purposes.


Costs Incurred in Running a Zoo



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