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Dating Pro script installation instruction

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PG Dating Pro is a turnkey multilingual web-based dating software to start online dating business with your own Dating site.
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Content Preview

PG Dating Pro
Installation Instruction

(c) PilotGroup.Net 2011

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

1. Before you start
Note: If you installed a server trial version of Dating Pro software, you'll have to reinstall it if you order
a software license.
There are 2 cases of installation:
1) initial installation - check the steps in this folder.
Please mind: You can use the following installation instructions ONLY for server trial versions of our dating
script, NOT for .exe trials. .exe trials are automatically installed at your PC and cannot be installed on a

2) moving site to another server. There's no certain instruction on how to do it. It's quite easy.
Here's the instruction:
1) go to your FTP and copy all files for your Dating Pro to your computer.
2) go to your old server Cpanel>then to phpmyadmin.
3) Open the database for Dating Pro.
4) Press "Export" Tab.
5) In a new page select all tables and press "Go". The system will ask where it should save the
database. Save somewhere at your computer.
6) Then go to your new server. Open FTP.
7) upload your files to FTP.
8) go to new server's CPanel>Phpmyadmin>
9) create a new database there and open it.
10) press "Import" and press "Go" button.
11) then you can either rename your new db into the name you had at old server (easy way) or do the
12) go to new FTP>software files
13) find include>config.xml file. Open to edit.
14) change name for db variable there and save.
Your site should be up and running.
If you are changing both domain and hosting company, I would advise to do the following:
1) change the data.
2) restore your install folder
3) run installation script (but do not run db installation or anything)
4) go to step where you would have to insert db info (Step 4). There please see what the system will
write for Site domain, site root, site path sections. Copy that to your config.xml file instead of old info.
DO NOT CONTINUE INSTALLATION. Just close the window. Rename Install folder again. Save Config
file. If you have changed database information too, insert it into the same file.
Special cases
1. If you have include/config.php instead of include/config.xml, but it too has settings in it, you should
change it according to current server state:
(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

$config"server" = "";
$config"site_root" = "";
$config"site_path" = "/home/mydomaincom/public_html";
$config"useoledb" = 1;
$config"dbtype" = "mysql";
$config"dbhost" = "localhost";
$config"dbuname" = "mydomaincom";
$config"dbpass" = "pass";
$config"dbname" = "mydomaincom";
$config"table_prefix" = "pro_";
The database is imported in the mydomaincom database. Then load up
If you get blank page (and no error messages)and when you change those settings to wrong ones you
Error connecting to dbname
Program: /home/mydomaincom/public_html/common.php - Line N.: 88
Database: dbname
Error (1045) : Access denied for user 'dbname'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
then please check:
if you transferred the database
if you wrote correct db name in config.php file.
We would be glad to check your code and help you set everything up. Please address our
support team via Live Chat with the link to this discussion to locate the issue ASAP.
Note: When you get white page like this - it's only the configuration file that needs help. The path may
be wrong at a new server.

(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

2. Dating Pro System Requirements
- PHP 5.0 or greater (MySQL extension should be installed)
- MySQL 3.23.0 or greater. MySQL-encoding: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8_general_ci). MySQL connection
compatibility: UTF-8
- Zend Optimizer (for PG Dating Pro Basic Version)
- safe_mode & open_basedir restriction switched Off (optional but preferrable)
- Cronjobs/scheduler support (better to configure them to run once a day)
- Ffmpeg support switched On (required to activate Video2Flash option at your site)
- Curl (Download version requires OpenSSL enabled), open_basedir restriction switched Off (necessary
for Invite Friends section)
- SOAP extension should be Off on your server (required for VoIP calls feature)
- Gd2lib installed on your server (hosting)
- mod_rewrite module enabled
- magic_quotes should be Off
- php-dom should be ON for "Invite friends" module.
What's Zend Optimizer?
Zend Optimizer is one of the most popular PHP plug-ins for performance improvement, and has been
freely available since the early days of PHP 4.
It improves performance by taking PHP's intermediate code through multiple Optimization Passes,
which replace inefficient code patterns with efficient code blocks. The replacement code blocks
perform exactly the same operations as the original code, only faster.
In addition to performance-improvement, the Zend Optimizer also enables PHP to transparently load
files encoded by the Zend Encoder or Zend SafeGuard Suite.
The Zend Optimizer is a freely-available product from Zend Technologies.
Zend Technologies is the company that develops the scripting engine of PHP, also known as the Zend

(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

3. Installation steps
Upload files to your ftp server using any FTP software which you have installed at your computer.
Please note: with Basic License of Dating Pro software use Binary transfer mode when uploading
source codes - this is a strict requirement of Zend encoded files. Otherwise you'll get the following
error in a browser after running installation script:
Fatal error: +Unable to read 11357 bytes +in /home/latoile/public_html/campus/install/index.php on
line 0

How to run Installation Script
Go to (where www.yourdomain. com is your site name). At Step1 you'll be
asked to agree with license agreement to continue the installation.

Step 1 - MySQL Database Creation
Create empty MySQL database and add a new user to this database. Database user should have all the
rights (DBA) because our dating script will use this user's parameters to populate the database with
needed tables and data.
Please note: To be on the safe side, it's advised to make a backup of the whole database at least once a
month. Please don't forget to do it.

Step 2 - File permissions setup
Give CHMOD 777 (read/write and execute for Windows server) to the folder where the script is
located, and to the files and folders indicated in the installation page:
(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

You can quickly give all permissions to all files at FTP by clicking a special link "Try setup rights via
FTP". You'll have to insert your FTP data:

Then the system will set permissions for the files (Chmod 777) itself. It's quick and secure.
Press "Next" when you are done with permissions setup:
(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

Note: Permissions 777 (rwxrwxrwx) - you can do that by right clicking on the script file or directory in
your FTP client software dialog box and choosing CHMOD or Set File Attributes.
Note 2: Sometimes you will have to give CHMOD 777 to public_html directory and this is definitely
forbidden by most of hosting companies. You shouldn't be worried about it because you can simply
give CHMOD 777 for the period of installation and right after installation of Dating Pro software you
can make the original permissions level.
Note 3: If you use Windows server, then you should either yourself give all rights to Internet Guest
account for the above-mentioned folder or ask your hosting company to do it.

Step 3 - Install Online
Install the script (info will be inserted by installation script and you are just to check it up and correct if
something is wrong).
Please mind: In case you are using a trial version of Dating Pro software, you can use the following
installation instructions ONLY for server trial versions, NOT for .exe trials. .exe trials are automatically
installed at your PC and cannot be installed on a server.
(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

Note: After installation of Dating Pro script you can face the following situation: After you enter in your
browser (in the case if script is installed in your site root) you can see a blank page.
Please don't be afraid, the possible matter is in not very correct server settings. Just try to enter and you will see your site. Also you can check the following:
1. Go to your FTP>software files
2. Open to edit common.php file. The root section should empty if your site's installed in a root. The root
section should have "/folder_name" if you install in a folder.
Feel free to contact our support managers for help.

Note: if your site is installed in a root directory, you should not fill in the "Root" field. Leave it blank:
If you have in some subfolder, then in site root enter /subfolder_name.
Our installation script checks on these parameters, so if you see a blank field in site root when running
installation, then in 98% of cases it should be blank.
P.S.: don't forget to enter database information.
In the case if you install Dating Pro into a sub-domain, or a domain of 2nd level, there can appear
such a strange thing: NO images are displayed at your site.
Don't worry, just go straight to your config.php file, find there the line:
$config["site_root"] = "subdomain";
and make it like this:
$config["site_root"] = "/subdomain";
A simple inserting of "/" will help you.
(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

Special cases
1. If after the installation of Dating Pro all you see are Xs(red) on a page, then there's a possibility that
during installation you have inserted server root option and in this case the paths for the images and
css got changed.
This is what you should do. If you have installed the software under a domain name:
with No sub-folder, you should not write anything in Site Root directory.
Right now you should go to your FTP and open the files for the software. There's a folder Include> in
the folder open file config.php for editing.
Check the settings there for root. If you have any troubles please contact our support managers. They
will be able to help you shortly.

Step 4 - Database formation
Then, when you press Next button, the system will automatically create and fill in tables in your new
database. Please just wait while the system is working.
If the system says that "it cannot access database", "cannot create database", this might mean:
That your db user does not have permissions. Please check.
That you have inserted incorrect data for parameters "db name, user". You might need to add
DB prefix to the name of your database and user. You can check for it in your hosting panel.
Usually it's the name of Cpanel user.

(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Call 1-866-620-1919 (toll free)

Step 5 - Administrator access settings
When the database is made, you'll be able to setup the access for your Administration panel and
administrator email (to where all alerts will come):

Press "Next" when done. Your Name will be displayed in the administration panel on the index page
(welcome message).

Step 6 - Cron Jobs (Sheduler) settings
After installation of Dating Pro is completed, don't forget to set necessary files to cron jobs (for
Windows Server Scheduler).
The files are:
They are necessary for users to receive system messages like alerts, etc. See Cron jobs Help page.

Step 7 - Additional Installation scripts - countries, IP countries,
languages packages

When the main site software is installed, you can install all databases at once or skip it to go to view
the site and install them later.
We'll describe full installation for you now. Here's when you will see after main site's installed:
(c) 2011 Pilot Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

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