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Dell 500 Reviews

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After all, is the first-tier manufacturers, the DELL 500 in the design work without the slightest rough and sloppy signs, although there is no bright paint surface to show off the mirror LCD screen, but also because of this, the DELL 500 the expression of a simple and low-key mature business sense. Performance on the performance can not help but have a trace of disappointment, but the wireless card as standard but greatly enhance the application value of the whole machine. I believe in the big line of Dell's brand appeal, and 3899 yuan for the DELL 500 is has a very great temptation, and worthy of attention.
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Dell 500 Reviews
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Creat ed by om47864535
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DELL 50 0 (R520 46 3) basic co nfiguratio n table
Pro cesso r Intel Celero n M540 @1.8 6 GHz
Cache 1MB L2 cache
Fro nt Side Bus 533MHz FSB
Created by om47864535 on 02/08/2012
Main Chipset Intel GM9 6 5 Express ICH8 M
Viewed 24 times
Memo ry Pro MOS (Pro -mo s) 512GB DDR2 memo ry, 6 6 7MHz
Graphics Intel GMA X310 0
Memo ry Shared memo ry 6 4MB (512MB memo ry)
Mo nito r 15.4 "wide mirro r LCD mo nito r, WXGA (128 0 x 8 0 0 ) reso lutio n
So und card SigmaTel STAC9 228 X HD Audio
Hard disk Western Digital 8 0 GB (540 0 rpm SATA interface, 8 MB cache), Mo del: WD8 0 0 BEVS-75RST0
Wireless Netwo rk Intel (R) PRO / Wireless 39 45ABG
Netwo rk Built-in 10 -10 0 M Fast Ethernet
Co mmunicate In-the Build, Co nexant Type 2 the mo dem
Battery 14.8 V 28 0 0 mAh Li-io n battery o f fo ur co re
2.59 75Kg (with standard battery)
Travel Weight: 2.9 9 9 0 Kg
Battery Weight: 229 .5g
Pre-installed system Linux
DC Po wer Jack DC Jack Cable 350 70 QP0 0 6 0 0 G 350 70 SN0 0 6 0 0 G CJA19
Dell 50 0 co nfiguratio n advantage co mpared to Asus X53L higher, no t o nly the main chipset upgraded to the
standard GM9 6 5 Express also extremely rare to jo in lo w-co st machines dream 39 45ABG wireless card, so
that the who le meaning and value o f instant upgrade a lo t. Ho wever, the Dell 50 0 's hard drive than the Asus

X53L less 40 GB, o nly mean the 8 0 GB. Other respects, the Dell 50 0 's memo ry is still 512MB o f peo ple did no t
trust reco mmends upgrading to 1GB dual-channel re-use o f the abo ve, the machine must be running mo re
smo o thly. In additio n, Pro MOS (Pro -mo s) o f memo ry in the no tebo o k bo dy seems to be few and far between,
I do no t kno w the perfo rmance o f what? When it co mes to memo ry, if yo u want to install XP o r VISTA system
use, the memo ry requirements are higher. Operating systems need to pay attentio n to the o fficial website o f
the China Dell and the DELL 50 0 VISTA driver, a little depressed.
Dell lapto p BIOS are very to ugh, no t o nly pro vide the N number o f setting o ptio ns, and even the battery
capacity can be seen, is indeed better than the mo dels o f o ther brands to mo re features and advantages o f
Sto ry
Remo ve the back co ver, yo u can see the co o ling system is o nly a co nduit co nnected to the pro cesso r and
No rthbridge; memo ry slo t is o verlap design co mes standard with a 512MB single channel to maximize the
perfo rmance did no t get. Ho wever, excited in the next we see a 39 45ABG wireless card, 3K $ level similar
no tebo o k is very rare. It also pro vides the o ther two MINI-PCI slo t fo r the upgrade o f o ther features.
The perfo rmance tests co nducted in the English versio n o f Windo ws Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit system, and
installing the latest o fficial driver, and set the highest perfo rmance mo de. But in the co nfiguratio n o f the
standard 512MB o f memo ry, we do no t reco mmend users to use the VISTA system.
Feel like taking a perso nality quiz o r testing yo ur
The DELL 50 0 o nly co mes standard with fo ur-co re 14.8 V 28 0 0 mAh lithium battery, the battery is lo w, we are
kno wledge? Check o ut the Ultimate List.
no t able to test a co mplete run fro m a cycle o f Mo bileMark20 0 7 test, and therefo re unable to o btain accurate
data o n battery life. The trial pro cess fro m the po int o f view, ho wever, the battery can be used in the
If yo u're in the mo o d fo r a sto ry, head o ver to the
co nventio nal test co nditio n abo ut 8 0 minutes, less than half an ho ur. Of co urse, with a battery management
Sto ries Hub.
system believe that the life time achieved a certain level o f extensio n.
Perfo rmance o f the who le, the DELL 50 0 PCMark0 5 test sco res slightly lo wer, are no t do minant in all aspects
It's easy to find so mething yo u're into at Quizilla -
co mpared with the same co nfiguratio n ASUS X53L, seems mainly due to the 512MB memo ry limit, the DELL
just use the search bo x o r bro wse o ur tags.
50 0 GM9 6 5 main chipset advantage do es no t stand o ut in this. Ho wever, the perfo rmance is still able to meet
the o rdinary daily business and perso nal applicatio ns, but significantly mo re than any high-intensity o peratio n
Ready to take the next step? Sign up fo r an
and design o f graphics and o ther applicatio ns will be po werless. Memo ry upgrade to 1GB o r mo re wo rds, I
acco unt and start creating yo ur o wn quizzes,
believe there will be significantly impro ved.
sto ries, po lls, po ems and lyrics.
CineBench test pro cesso r co re pro cessing and rendering capabilities, the M540 perfo rmance quite
satisfacto ry, and there is no t much to say. This perfo rmance is eno ugh to pro vide mo re adequate co re po wer
It's FREE and FUN.
to the machine.
Pro cesso r rendering capabilities o f the test
VISTA self-test, the DELL 50 0 and ASUS X53L, the results were very similar to the VISTA system, the
perfo rmance o f the two machines the ability to run less. Ho wever, perfo rmance o f the X310 0 in the GM9 6 5
chipset has clearly failed to let us satisfactio n, the sco re is relatively lo w. Of co urse, 512MB o f memo ry also
Funny Quizzes | Girls Quizzes | Lo ve Quizzes | Lo ve
can no t get away. Under the o verall perfo rmance o f the DELL 50 0 to be o pen and running VISTA system and
Sto ries | Mo vie Trivia Quizzes | Music Quizzes |
advanced special effects seemed a bit difficult, if yo u run two o r mo re large-scale so ftware, then it will appear
Perso nality Quizzes | Trivia Quizzes | Vampire
unrespo nsive when the co mpressed file to mentio n. Want to smo o th upgrade memo ry is the fastest and mo st
Quizzes | Vampire Sto ries
direct ro ute.
Fro m the abo ve test, we can basically 3D gaming perfo rmance o f Dell 50 0 that desperate, but to give up ho pe,
we have tested the graphics card requirement is relatively no t very demanding Do o m 3, the results expected
o nly 6 .7 / sec, far sho rt o f the level o f 24 / s run smo o thly. Of co urse, to play o ther games such as Warcraft,
CS, and so me QQ games, o r take the Dell 50 0 is no pro blem.
In additio n to the XPS series, Dell no tebo o k has been hard with the stylish, elegant linked to the intro ductio n o f
co lo rful mo dels o f o ne o r two rare, but because the shape is to o medio cre and simple, and yet allo w The
impressio n o f it has changed. Calm, lo w-key and mature, this Dell to pass a pro duct co ncept evaluatio n, and
to day the DELL 50 0 is no exceptio n. The DELL 50 0 o verall black to ne, far lo o ks really kind o f the IBM "black"
flavo r. Ho wever, its co rners have been the smo o th pro cessing o f the Run side, altho ugh a small sub-to ugh
and able, but pro vide a better use o f to uch, while the anti-co llisio n capability o f the machine naturally will
definitely help.
Dell's lo west end o f the cheapest no tebo o k co mputer, the DELL 50 0 co urse is a co mmo n plastic material,

the o verall use o f materials and wo rkmanship is no t delicate, but firm and so lid o r do mo re in place. 15.4-inch
large screen is relatively so ft to p co ver, push hard will the LCD screen display so me impact.
Screen using the buckle-free suctio n fit design, yo u need bo th hands in o rder to smo o th the o pening.
Ho wever, due to the weight o f the huge screen "significant", so turn o n the screen when there will be so me
shaking, giving the impressio n that no t eno ugh practical, o f co urse, with a smaller shaft design are no t
Shaft design, DELL 50 0 screen 18 0 vertical flip, the largest vertical viewing angle, and thus able to adapt to the
applicatio n enviro nment.
Overall, the DELL 50 0 the number o f interfaces is very rich, the interface has; in the layo ut is mo re reaso nable,
bo th sides have set the USB interface, while the heat vent o n the back, which do es no t The o peratio n caused
any adverse effects.
Left: machine keyho le, po wer input, o verlapping 2 x USB interface, VGA po rt, RJ45 Ethernet, RJ11 telepho ne
line interface, an IEEE 139 4 interface; two USB po rts in additio n to o verlap design is no t desirable, and Po wer
Interface clo se to , there may be in the state o f the plug can no t be used mo re o bese embarrassment o f USB
Right: Express 45mm slo t, wireless switch, COMBO drive, Dell 1545 DR1 Charger Bo ard DC Jack USB 0 8 530
2 PB12, USB interface. COMBO drive's eject butto n design is to o stingy to be difficult, the blind will take so me
time to beco me familiar with and adapt.
The DELL 50 0 is a full-size keybo ard, the butto n face eno ugh spacio us functio n key layo ut o f the keys is quite
reaso nable to o perate the o verall feel is pretty go o d. But the key flexible, mo re rigid, the keycap witho ut special
o ptimizatio n, tap the to uch is mo re general, no ise is relatively o bvio us.
The to uchpad is the greatest benefit to the integratio n o f design, to uchpad and palm rest, every co nnectio n
thro ugh subsidence-type slo pe as a transitio nal design; this design is no t filth, clean up is quick and easy.
Actual use, the respo nse o f the to uchpad is sensitive, accurate po sitio ning, speed fast eno ugh; the surface o il
sexy, wet fingers o r have perspiratio n mo ve was no t very smo o th. To uchpad two butto ns belo w the large,
co mfo rtable, feel mo re go o d.
The DELL 50 0 All sho rtcuts are co ncentrated set in the to p right-hand side o f yo ur keybo ard, using a to uch-
sensitive design, as lo ng as the finger is gently placed o n the family to stay to co mplete the o peratio n; by the
trial, these to uch-sensitive sho rtcuts reactio n is quite sensitive and the respo nse was fast eno ugh Overall
go o d o perating co mfo rt. Their functio n is o ne, sto p, play / pause, next so ng, and mute, vo lume do wn and
vo lume increased.
The middle o f the po wer butto n feels go o d, turned o n, there will be a very beautiful light; the po wer butto n next
to the three co mmo nly used status indicato r are the number keys, letter keys and scro ll key.
The DELL 50 0 is a 15.4 "glo ssy widescreen display, 128 0 x 8 0 0 reso lutio n. The vast majo rity o f no tebo o k
glo ssy screen, the DELL 50 0 is still a no n-glo ssy screen, which I do no t kno w is a lo w-quality perfo rmance,
o r perso nality o f the Universal Declaratio n? Of co urse, whether it is a glo ssy screen, different users have
different habits and preferences, we do no t to evaluate what.
Ho wever, the actual effect o f the DELL 50 0 this screen in the light in terms o f perfo rmance is no t as glo ssy
LCD screen, 8 dark cell is no t able to clearly identify the grayscale test, a slight lack o f screen real reductio n
degree. But its biggest advantage is the ability to mo re clearly see the screen image will no t be mirro r
reflective. The screen pro vides a seven brightness adjustment, and adjustable by a big margin, suitable fo r
different applicatio n enviro nments.
Audio aspects o f the two stereo speakers set o n bo th sides o f the to p o f the keybo ard to fo rm the so und field
o f direct transmissio n, no t affected by the interference o f the external enviro nment, to ensure the mo st
lo ssless transmissio n o f so und. Ho wever, the actual auditio n, the speaker vo lume is mo re general, but also
no t to mentio n the so und quality so und, o nly to meet the mo st co mmo n so und demand.
The co o ling perfo rmance is no t ideal, especially the left palm care site, particularly because the bo tto m is
where the hard drive, therefo re warming. Ho wever, o ther parts o f the co ntro l is quite go o d, had no significant
effect o n o perating co mfo rt.
New Yo rk Sho pping Summary

After all, is the first-tier manufacturers, the DELL 50 0 in the design wo rk witho ut the slightest ro ugh and slo ppy
signs, altho ugh there is no bright paint surface to sho w o ff the mirro r LCD screen, but also because o f this,
the DELL 50 0 the expressio n o f a simple and lo w-key mature business sense. Perfo rmance o n the
perfo rmance can no t help but have a trace o f disappo intment, but the wireless card as standard but greatly
enhance the applicatio n value o f the who le machine. I believe in the big line o f Dell's brand appeal, and 38 9 9
yuan fo r the DELL 50 0 is has a very great temptatio n, and wo rthy o f attentio n.
A big-screen no tebo o k with wireless LAN, and high co st;
2, wo rk design and the o verall sense o f input o peratio n.
Less than:
A weak endurance, perfo rmance is lo w;
General, thermal co ntro l, audio and visual effects in general.
Mo re wo nderful articles,please click the link belo w
LG Z1 Pro evaluatio n
Leno vo ThinkPad X6 1 Reviews
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