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Dell Inspiron 15R Review

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Dell Inspiron 15R hardware configuration Processor Intel Core i7-2630QM clocked at 2.00GHz frequency 2.90GHz Core Memory 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory (single) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Monitor 15.6-inch LED-backlit display 1366 × 768 resolution Hard disk 500GB 7200 rpm Battery 6-cell 48Wh lithium ion battery Weight Weight 2.486Kg Travel weight 3.122Kg Pre-installed system Windows ® 7 Home Basic
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Dell Inspiron 15R Review

Dell Inspiron 15R hardware configuration
Processor Intel Core i7-
2630QM clocked at 2.00GHz frequency 2.90GHz Core
Memory 4GB DDR3
1333MHz memory (single)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce
GT 525M
Monitor 15.6- inch LED-
backlit display 1366 x 768 resolution
Hard disk 500GB 7200 rpm
Battery 6- cell 48Wh lithium
ion battery
Weight Weight 2.486Kg
Travel weight 3.122Kg

Pre- installed system Windows (R) 7 Home
Inspiron 15R equipped with Intel Core i7- 2630QM processor and NVIDIA
GeForce GT 525M graphics card, with 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory, and
500GB 7200 rpm hard drive allowed faster, more efficient, on the hardware
configuration, one can say that it is sufficient to meet the user's everyday
computing needs, plus 15.6- inch display screen proves it is a powerful
and comprehensive consumer entertainment devices.
The shell is colorful Inspiron Inspiron notebooks very unique selling point,
which has four core colors, representing the mysterious Obsidian Black,
on behalf of healthy tomato red, representing the auspicious peacock
blue, inspired by nature.15R in the material is still used in Dell's proud
LCVM Hyun steel wire drawing process, with the HP Imprint, piano paint
difference is HP COMPAQ NC6230 NC4010 NX5000 RTC CMOS
BatteryB, LCVM more resistant to wear, not only that, this blend of metal
and plastic new composite materials in the heat, weight, and so has a
unique advantage.
"Pre- drift Yuet Ping" is designed Inspiron 15R him a beautiful landscape,
this design allows more fluid body lines, while pre- screen innovation also
brought a good user experience.Open the body cover, 15.6- inch
"domineering" screen greets, 1366 x 768 resolution screen with a
narrow border to the broader field of vision, whether it is to enjoy high-
definition movies or playing 3D games are realistic and can bring stunning
visual experience.
Top of the screen with a one million- pixel native resolution of 1280 x 720
high- definition webcam, can provide a more clear video call quality.
Camera left and right, respectively, and light pickup holes.Operating area
to Inspiron 15R, peacock blue of the palm rest is still using the LCVM Hyun
steel wire drawing process to create, beautiful wear and cover each other
with the body. The deep tones of the keyboard is silver plating process
wrapped and decorated with bright side of the palm rest, to enhance the
whole texture.
Because large body siz e's sake, Inspiron 15R is equipped with a full- siz e
keyboard while carrying a numeric keypad, which is more than most 14 in.
laptop features. Numeric keypad used to greatly enhance the daily input
speed, in addition, in the process of running some games, users can also
do custom keyboard shortcuts for use.
15R in the touchpad larger area to operate a more casual, although not as

good as with an external mouse is so precise positioning, but as an
occasional substitute has been more than sufficient. If you worry about the
error encountered when operating the keyboard touchpad, users can also
operate Fn + F3 shortcut to turn it off, the lights above the tips of the state.
We have already mentioned the appearance Inspiron 15R larger body
siz e, then this can also guess the layout of its interface, the design should
be able to ease, and in fact is true, Inspiron 15R interface not only
complete and easy layout, actual use will not cause any inconvenience.
The right side of the layout of the interface is relatively simple, USB3.0
equipped with a bright spot, it can provide faster data transmission, of
course, the premise is that you must have a corresponding peripheral
storage devices, otherwise it can be reduced only 2.0 standards work.
Audio input / output jack position a little embarrassed, perhaps the author
of the ear wire short, always feel when in actual use long enough, plus a
few cables are strong pull in the status, although the body is motionless,
but really worried that the headphone cable cut off, if the design of the
front of the body more perfect.
The left side of body from left to right followed by the distribution of the
interface USB2.0 interface, heat vent, HDMI port, eSATA interface and
multi- card reader. It is worth mentioning that this side of the USB ports and
eSATA interfaces support the charge off, users do not even start to charge
the device can also be very convenient.
Dell Inspiron 15R the remaining design of the interface are concentrated in
the rear ends, but by the actual use, the location of the reasonableness of
these different interfaces. Distribution of the left rear fuselage computer
slot, RJ45 cable socket and USB3.0 interface, if you need to use USB
interface, you have to get up or lean over the action to plug the slightest
inconvenience, of course, if you are Use an external mouse if (wireless
mouse is also a good choice), this problem can still be resolved.
Rear fuselage section of the distribution of VGA and power jack,
personally think that these two interfaces and cable interface to the left of
the position is very reasonable, the necessary cables are complicated
mess behind, giving the user a simple and neat work and entertainment
Right above the keyboard area has three shortcut keys, which correspond
to the tune of DELL Support Center, Windows 7 Mobility Center, and the
role of off- screen, and when the user presses the shortcut key lights when
there is a short instruction, full of humanity.

The front left area of the fuselage with four lights, which are marked the
power, hard disk, battery and wireless network operations, but its location
is not reasonable, when the left hand text input will inevitably obscure this
area, In addition, users must be properly sideways to view.
Inspiron 15R is equipped with 15.6- inch large- screen has also joined the
SRS Premium Sound- certified speakers, through the control panel
settings, can give the user with a variety of sound effect, people like the
ground top audio- visual experience .
Inspiron 15R equipped with a whole new generation of Intel Core i
processors - i7- 2630QM, Intel Core i7- 2630QM quad- core eight thread
processors, clocked at 2.00GHz , Core frequency up after a single-
core 2.90GHz , 6MB of three- level cache, just from the parameters for, you
can probably have a good understanding of their performance, coupled
with 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory support with the 7200 rpm hard drive,
strong performance of its self- evident.
Core Sandy Bridge processor in some entry- level graphics card with flat
performance all the OEM manufacturers are reluctant to abandon the meat
and potatoes, so we can see on the market with second- generation Core
Duo processor i and has a graphics card Almost all notebooks support
two graphics, Inspiron 15R as well.
While the Inspiron 15R is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M
piece of low- end market positioning, but the parameters on the official
point of view, it still has decent performance, with the same alumnus
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M more, their main difference is that on Core
frequency declined. In addition, NVIDIA exclusive PhysX, CUDA
technology also make the game more realistic, faster video transcoding.
Through the 3Dmark06 test, the score is more remarkable, 1024 x 768
resolution procedures under the score 9216,1280 x 768 default resolution
score 8509, from the points of view, Inspiron 15R running most popular 3D
games should not be a problem, the following test section of the game we
will show the actual performance.
Compared to the strong performance of the Intel Core i7- 2630QM
processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M slightly weak, through the score
found in the Windows 7 experience, the score card is indeed lower
than the number of processors, memory and hard drive with more scores
first is matched. In addition, or because Optimus technical reasons, or by
the Microsoft technical support imperfect reason, also the desktop effects
or because the test in the down- link card sake, Inspiron 15R score lower.

SYSmark 2007 Preview is a software platform for a variety of PC
performance testing software integrated, it actually can be used to install
most of our daily fidelity simulation software to run applications (word
processing pictures, video playback, 3D performance, etc.), so its Test
results for the office and entertainment applications are very true and
accurate, has been recogniz ed by the industry. Inspiron Ling Yue 15R 214
The average score is quite strong.
Inspiron Ling Yue 15R is equipped with a 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive,
through the HD Tune test, its performance is also a color, but the relatively
high temperature of 42 degrees.
As the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M performance is far higher than in the
Core graphics card, so as to maximiz e the Inspiron 15R show the
performance of the test part of the game, we were completely alone in the
We will be "Street Fighter 4 Benchmark of the resolution to 1366 x 768,
the rest are the default quality setting, after testing, the final result also
shows that Inspiron 15R is fully capable to cope with the game.
"Resident Evil 5 Variable Benchmark test, we will set the game resolution
1366 x 768, the other definition of default, the test found that both the real
game is more focused on the actual performance of the Variable
Benchmark link, or moderate and Fixed Benchmark test link Inspiron 15R
outstanding performance.
"Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game test at the highest resolution and High
quality and open HBAO option under the circumstances, by actual test,
Inspiron 15R was clearly laboring, but when in the closed HBAO the state,
to enhance significantly the number of frames basically to ensure smooth
"Need for Speed" series of new "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3 (Need
for Speed: Hot PursuitIII), is a new generation of Hot Pursuit series of
works officially confirmed by Criterion Games studio responsible for the
development. The police wanted to make the return to the mode that
allows players to play against the global network, will once again return to
luxury sports car. Under the highest quality, Inspiron 15R doz en less than
ideal performance of the frame, it is recommended due to lower quality.
Inspiron 15R equipped with Intel Core i7- 2630QM processor and NVIDIA
GeForce GT 525M graphics card, the configuration must have a strong
high fever, but taking into account their larger body siz e, but also
a change of heat to help , we have the following look at the Inspiron Ling

Yue 15R heat in the end.
By actual test, running a 3D game and a half hours later, Inspiron Inspiron
15R local heat significantly, especially in the left palm rest area, although
such a large volume of computer most people do not use on your lap or
bed However, direct contact on the body surface is not ideal in C.
Throughout marketed large- siz e notebook, battery life is their
disadvantage, not to mention Inspiron 15R also only equipped with a
48Wh 6- cell lithium- ion batteries, but by MobileMark2007 test, its life to
about four and a half hours, give us a significant surprise.
Inspiron Ling Yue 15R larger siz e makes the quality of its heavy, even
without the power adapter of its weight is about 5 pounds, heavier quality
is not always suitable for mobile users, but taking into account the larger
siz e of the screen to bring to a more stunning visual effects, such sacrifice
is worth it.
Dell Inspiron 15R advantages and disadvantages
1 excellent audio and video performance
(2) the strong second- generation Core i7 processor
3 excellent endurance
1 heavier body
3 cooling capacity in general
The new Inspiron 15R remains before the fashion style, variety of colors
designed to facilitate consumer choice, highlight the personality style. As
equipped with a whole new generation of Intel Core i7- 2630QM
PB12A making its calculation speed is more quickly and efficiently, while
the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M graphics card is also allowed to use the left
should have the right, not only that, 15.6- inch bright display screen with
SRS Premium Sound certified by the speaker's audio and video to bring
people realistic shock feeling. In addition, as a product with a large screen
notebook, Inspiron 15R's battery life is commendable, but the drawback of
poor heat dissipation.

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