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Digital Photography Tricks

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Content Preview
Digital Photography Tricks - Capture The Motion Of Moving Water!

The sun is out and there's a faint breeze as you enjoy a leisurely walk in your favourite
countryside location. You detect a faint trickle of moving water in the distance, and as you move
closer, you observe a winding stream. The water is bobbling across the stones lying in the shallow
pool. You have your camera with you, and know this is a great chance to capture something really
memorable. But how do you make moving water look amazing in a photograph? This article
explains some digital photography tricks to use to make the most of this, and similar situations.

To start with, to be truly creative you will need to move away from using your automatic camera
settings. Whilst the camera will do it's best to capture what it thinks you want, it is possible that it
will choose a fast shutter speed, in order to 'freeze' the movement. If that's what you want to
depict, then OK. But the more dramatic pictures are those where water motion is evident, and the
rest of the picture is still.

You will need to select a slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the water. The slower your
shutter speed the greater the effect of motion captured. The best method to try here is
experimentation. After a shot immediately check the results on your LCD screen. Then adjust, to a
slower or faster shutter speed, until you get the shot you want. To achieve optimum results will
require a shutter speed of at least 1/15 of a second, or longer. Truly smooth water should be
captured if you leave the shutter open for over a second.

Using a slow shutter speed will mean that your camera needs to be absolutely still to avoid
camera shake ruining the picture. The best way to establish a stable platform is to use a tripod.
Another digital photography trick you can use is to add a shutter release cable, which will give you
the best chance of eliminating camera movement during your shot. Also, set your ISO to around
100, with a small aperture, of about f/22 or f/36. A small aperture will result in the slowest possible
shutter speed for the ISO and light conditions.

You could also try using a digital photography trick from this list: -

* Try to get fairly close to the water you want to shoot. The blurring effect of the moving water is
more noticeable if you are close up * Experiment by photographing different types of moving water
scenes (waterfalls, rivers, streams etc.) * Revisit locations at different times of year to capture how
nature has changed the look of them * If brightly-lit conditions affect the length of shutter speed
you can use, consider the addition of a polarising or neutral density filter.


If you would like to find out how simple it is to apply a few simple digital photography tricks that will
greatly enhance your photographs, check out for further
information.<br class="clear" />

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Digital Photography Tricks



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