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Dirty Cleaning Tools

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Can a dirty mop clean? I would say no. In fact, it actually makes the act of cleaning very counter-productive.
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Content Preview
Can Dirty Cleaning Tools

Really Clean?

Can a dirty mop clean? Can you use a dirty rag to sanitize a table? How much dirt can a vacuum
expel before turning it off and pushing it around would make more sense?
If the tools you are using to clean, are dirty, the effort, time and expense is wasted.
It seems that it has become acceptable for cleaning tools to be dirty. After all, that is the way it has
always been.
Dust mops look filthy but still pushing debris down the hallway.
Mop buckets are full of dirty water, but the floors are wet and the spills are removed.
Feather dusters moved the dust off of the counter top.
Never mind the fact that:
The dust mop is leaving behind more dust that was there in the first place
The mop and bucket are just evenly distributing the dirt across the floor.
There is a cloud of dust in the air, settling back down on the surface.
There is a cost for complacency. The cost is moving the same dirt tomorrow that was moved today.
This takes precious time. Time that is already in short supply, yet every day we just accept the fact
that these are the tools we have to work with and this is what has to be done.
Next time you see or use a cleaning tool, ask yourself "Is this going to improve the cleanliness or just
make more work tomorrow?"

Dirty Cleaning Tools



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