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Your Downline at your Fingertips Presented by Paul Dueck Diamond Director Presentation Available for download after convention at: Presented by Paul Dueck Diamond Director Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow…
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Content Preview
  1. Your Downline at your Fingertips Presented by Paul Dueck Diamond Director
  2. Presentation Available for download after convention at: Presented by Paul Dueck Diamond Director
  3. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow wowowow
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Why?
  8. Why should you use Income Maximizer?
    • Income Maximizer Users
      • Earn (3) three times more Income on average
      • Enroll 25% more Associates
      • Enroll 70% more PC’s
      • Have (7) seven times more group volume
      • .
  10. THE OLD vs. THE NEW
  12. THE OLD vs. THE NEW
  13. DLM (DownLine Management)
    • DLM has the following new features:
      • A modern look that is User friendly
      • Customizable landing page
      • Personal Assistant “CALL TO ACTION”
      • Charts & graphs functionality
      • Better Exporting and Viewing options
      • Re-Entry Tree View
      • Easier Access to Autoship Information
  14. Top part of the landing page
  17. Top part of the landing page
  18. DLM Tutorial Video
  19. Volume Report
  20. Reports – sort columns….
  21. Personal Assistant Summary
  22. Personal Assistant – check off tasks
  23. ID #’s are live links
  24. Personal Assistant – Opportunities
  25. See completed tasks….
  26. Listing of deleted items…
  27. Personally Sponsored – Close to check
  28. Search Options Section
  30. Advanced Search Options
  31. Sort 1 thru 3 items
  33. HTML STYLE Columns are sortable
  37. My Preferences
  38. Autoship Status Chart
  41. Common Questions
    • Will all the reports from the “Legacy” DLM be available in the new DLM
    • Three reports have been moved to USANAToday
      • Upline Leader Placement (Income Maximizer Menu – Under Free Services)
      • Top 25 Report – Recognition Menu
      • Top 25 By Title – Recognition Menu
    • Why are the reports so wide in the new DLM
    • How can I reduce the width of DLM reports?
    • Can I still cut and paste data to a spreadsheet?
  42. Benefits of Income Maximizer
      • Puts you in control of your business
      • Information is power
      • Time saved allows you to spend more time on income producing activities
      • Increases your associate and preferred customer retention
      • Detect and restore failed/on hold autoships
      • Your Personal Admin Assistant
  43. Things to Remember
    • Don’t Become a DLM Junkie
      • If you have less than 20 people in your business spend the time prospecting
      • A watched Volume Report does not change!
      • Work with your downline to help them achieve their goals, you will achieve your goals by default
  44. 21 Suggestions for Success by H. Jackson Brown Jr.
    • #19
      • “ Be Bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did”
  45. Your Downline at your Fingertips Presented by Paul Dueck Diamond Director

Dlm at-your-fingertips-paul dueck



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