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Do You Want It Bad Enough?

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Not succeeding with your online business? Maybe you just don't want it bad enough...
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Content Preview
Do You Want It Bad Enough?
By Jason Fladien

I sure did...

Roughly 3 years ago I lived with my dad. I had lived with him since
I dropped out of college (the first time) which was in April of
It was a VERY small apartment.
I didn’t pay rent, my dad took care of it. But that also meant he
took care of the utilities. In the summer on the second floor
in Iowa, with the temperature at 98 degrees, and the humidity
at 120% (how does that even happen?), it gets really, really
My dad refused to ever let the air-conditioner run. EVER.
I think about that now as I sit here in my home office.
My home office has a walk in closet. It has a bathroom
attached that is pretty impressively tiled. It has

TWO sinks in it. It has a remote control for the lights
and the fan. My desk is huge and wouldn’t even fit into
my room in the apartment I lived in with my dad.
And the central air is on. I’m loving every second of it.
When I had my home built, we made it 5 star energy efficient
and even though it’s a big house (4 bedrooms, 3 baths)
it costs almost nothing to cool it. And it’s so quiet
you can’t hear it.
I tell you this for one reason – it’s amazing how far you
can come in three short years.
I spoke at Dennis Becker’s seminar last week. The hotel room
I stayed in was bigger than the first apartment I moved into
after I moved out of my dad’s apartment.
At that seminar, Tim Castleman – who I did a promotion with…
PAID me in front of everyone… my commission.
$4800 – in one dollar bills. Nice touch. If Tim sends me the photo I’ll
add it to this post.
It was incredible to see that many one dollar bills. All for
less than 2 hours of work. It amazes even me how quickly

someone can attract wealth with a little bit of sweat
equity, a little bit of building, and a whole lot of focus.
It’s amazing how far you can come in three short years.
I write this to you now as I expect...
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Do You Want It Bad Enough?

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