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Don’t let Stormy Weather ruin your Winter

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M&S discuss how stormy weather can affect your home insurance.
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Don’t let Stormy Weather ruin your Winter

Stormy weather causes damage to homes but by buying home insurance and taking a couple of
precautions you can minimise the impact of any damage.

Autumn has arrived and with it the weather begins to turn. As in previous years we can expect some
pretty atrocious storms at various points over the winter but there a few precautions we can take in order
to limit the amount of damage should they head our way.

Because storms can inflict a fair degree of damage to residential properties the majority of home
insurance policies include storm or flood as an insurable risk; subject to location and vulnerability of the
property being insured, of course. So, if the worst happens and you have buildings and contents
insurance at least you will have peace of mind that the majority of your property and possessions will be
covered. However, do check your policy for any exclusions such as fences or other items in your garden
or exterior of the property.

But, being uninsured when catastrophe strikes causes not only cause a fair degree of emotional distress
but can lead to severe economic hardship. Flood damage can wipe out the entire contents of a property’s
ground floor, or may even cause damage even higher up the property depending upon the severity of the
flood. That could result in the ruination of tens of thousands of pounds worth of electrical appliances,
furniture and other personal possessions including some that are irreplaceable and whose loss causes
great sadness.

In addition to making sure that you have adequate home insurance there are some precautions you can
take when storms are heading your way in order to minimise any potential damage. For example, if there
is a risk of flooding take all valuables and, if possible, electrical items upstairs. Or if you live in a single
storey dwelling try to move as much as you possibly can into the loft. Obviously, very heavy items such as
sofas, dining room tables and white goods are not easily moved so attempt to raise such heavy items a
few inches off the floor onto bricks or wood to at least offer some protection against shallow flooding.

In the case of severe winds and gales ensure that you stow away as much from your garden as you can
in a garage or secure outhouse. Although you can put away patio sets, garden machinery, bikes etc you

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cannot protect fences or other less robust structures. If your fences are very long you may wish to buy a
home insurance policy which covers damage to such structures, although do check that storm damage is
covered, as many policies state that as an exclusion.

Keywords: home insurance, flood, home insurance policy, flooding, insurance policies, storm damage,
buildings and contents insurance, property, personal possessions


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Don’t let Stormy Weather ruin your Winter



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