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Driving Theory Test

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How to pass hazard perception test in DSA driving theory test. Hazard perception test is an interactive practice session in the driving theory test featuring hazard perception clips to identify the developing potential hazards.
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Driving Theory Test
Hazard perception test
How to pass hazard perception test in DSA driving theory test
Hazard perception test is an interactive practice session in the driving theory
test featuring hazard perception clips to identify the developing potential
Why the hazard perception test element was introduced?
The government is committed to reducing the numbers killed and seriously
injured on Britain's roads by 40 per cent by 2010. The hazard perception
element was introduced into the driving test in November 2002 as one of the
measures that should help achieve this target by encouraging appropriate
training in scanning the road, recognizing at the first opportunity from the clues
that a potentially dangerous situation might arise and adopting a driving plan to
reduce the risk.
During the development of this test, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
worked closely with colleagues from the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
and the road safety division of the Department for Transport, both of whom
thought this test suitable for testing the hazard.
When to respond to score in hazard perception test

As an example, of how to identify and respond to a developing hazard,
consider a parked vehicle on the side of the road. When you first see it, it is not
doing anything; it is just a parked vehicle. If you were to respond to the vehicle
at this point, you would not score any marks, but you would not lose any
marks. However, when you get closer to the vehicle, you notice that the car's
right hand indicator starts to flash. The indicator would lead you to believe that
the driver of the vehicle has an intention of moving away, therefore the hazard
is now developing and a response at this point would score marks. The
indicator coming on is a sign that the parked vehicle has changed its status from
a potential hazard into a developing hazard. When you get closer to the vehicle,
you will probably see the vehicle start to move away from the side of the road;
another response should be made at this point. Different clips in the test will
have various signs to indicate that the hazard is changing its status and is now
starting to develop.
The scoring mechanism in hazard perception test
Each scoring window is divided into five equal segments and a score of five
through to one allocated to each. Those responding in the first segment of the
scoring window will score 5 and those in last segment a score of 1. Responses
outside the window will score zero.
For more details, you can refer to:
Practice hazard perception test
More about hazard perception test

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Driving Theory Test



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