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Employee Branding

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Employee Branding
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Internal BrandingSheila HirstHirst CommunicationQuestions for Communicators• Is brand relevant internally?• Has it changed our jobs as internal communicators?• What is our role in it?Recognisable BrandsWhen the brand experience isn’t alignedFour expressions of brandCORPORATEPRODUCTEMPLOYEEEMPLOYERWho Communicates the BrandProduct/ Corporate BrandEmployer/Employee BrandExperience brand throughExperience brand throughProduct use/service relationshipRecruitmentAdvertisingTraining & DevelopmentReputationCulture/environmentMARKETINGHR andExternalandInternalINTERNALstakeholdersMARCOMMSCOMMSstakeholdersCustomers’ experience of employeesEmployees expectations of customersAligning the brandExperience brand throughExperience brand throughProduct useRecruitmentService relationshipTraining & DevelopmentAdvertisingInternal communicationReputationCulture/environmentTHE BRANDReward & IncentiveExternalInternalstakeholdersstakeholdersCustomers’ experience of employeesEmployees’ experience of customersCompetitive advantage of alignedinternal branding• Reduced recruitment costs because of higher levels ofcommitment/awareness• Increased bargaining leverage with unions/individualsexpecting them to deliver on brand• Demanding a higher level of performance than competitorsbecause brand promise has higher perceived quality• Offering some defence against fierce high performerpoachingWatson WyattEngaging audiences in the brandENGAGEMENTHEAD• I understand the promise andhow it relates to me• I know how X Org contributesto my/our success• I can see what it is trying to do• It has the right infrastructuresin placeHEARTS• I believe in X OrgHANDS• I trust X org products• X Org enables meand peopleto do my job• I care about my• I would recommendrelationship with X orgthis organisationbusiness• I will invest in it1 . Aligning and Deliveringconsistent messages• Supporting the brand through channels• images and design• myths and story telling• Ensuring consistent look and feel to channels & media• Supporting activity to create awareness and understanding• Measuring impact of messages• Alerting org. to gaps in understanding /acceptance

Employee Branding



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