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English : Contrastive Linguistics

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The purpose of this paper is to bring forth certain linguistic features of Cameroon Pidgin English pairing with the Standard English Language -which stands as its contrastive counterpart. As regard the said approach, many a reader may be tempted to argue that this paper is carrying out nothing but an intra-language or a dialectal study; viz. English Language Vs English Language study. Such a viewpoint can only rise from the fallacious conception that considers 'Pidgin Englishes' as mere deviants of the Standard English Language. In the same course, Tom Mc Arthur (1992) brought out a classification of the "World English " whereby he considered 'Pidgin Englishes' as part of the basic archetypal stratum: the "archilect" called English Language (also known as the world English)1.
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English : Contrastive Linguistics



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