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English for Hotel conversation

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Content Preview

Miss Watchalawalee Nensiri
Miss Sujitra Krongtanoen
Miss Paviya Pongjirathakorn
Miss Nawaporn Robroo
422431, section2 (English for Hotel)
Speaking Practice 11.10 (2)

W: Are you ready to order, madams?

G1: Yes, I'd like Smoked Salmon for starter, and Grilled Chicken for the main.

G2: Me too, I'd like Smoked Salmon for my starter too.

W: . . And something to follow?

G2: Steak, just Rump steak for me.

W: How would you like it - rare, medium or well done?

G2: Medium, please.

W: Thank you, and you, madam?

G3: I would like some fish. Can you recommend something?

W: The Sole Meuniere is very good taste and very popular here.

G3: Fine, I'll have it, oh! and no starter for me.

W: So that's 2 Smoked Salmon, Grilled Chicken, medium Rump Steak, Sole Meuniere.

W: What would you like to order for the dessert?

G1: Ah! G3, do you remember what i ordered in the last time we were here? (ask G3)

G3: You ordered Chocolate Souffle.

G1: Yes, I would like Chocolate Souffle.

W: Yes, madam.

G2: Is it so delicious? (ask G1)

G1: Sure. Would you like to try it?

G2: Okay, I'll try

G1: The last order I've ordered Chocolate Souffle, I change it from 1 to 2.

W: Yes, madam.

G2: Could you recommend some for me?

W: Yes, madam. The Trifle is the popular one in our restaurant.

G2: How is it?

W: It's a cold dessert made from cake and fruit with Spain wine.

G2: Great, that sounds perfect. I'll have that then.

W: Thank you, madams. That's 2 Chocolate Soufles and Trifle.

G3: We want a bottle of red wine and 3 bottles of mineral water.

W: that's a bottle of red wine and 3 bottles of mineral water.

(Checking a bill)

G1: Can I have a bill, please?

W: No problem, here is your bill.

G1: Can I pay by credit card?

W: Of course, we accept all types of credit card.

G1: Excuse me, is this item correct? We ordered just a bottle of red wine not ten bottles.

W: Oh! We are very sorry, I'll check it for you right away.

W: Here is your correct bill.

G1: Is the service included?

W: Yes, it is included.

G1: Here's my credit card.

W: Thank you (...) Thank you for coming! We hope to see you again.

English for Hotel conversation



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