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Expedia UI Plan

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Expedia Hotels Extranet Work Plan Proposal February 1, 2008 Project Vision & Objectives Through collaborative assessment, recommendation and development, upgrade the user experience of the Expedia Hotel Extranet and establish…
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Content Preview
  1. Expedia Hotels Extranet Work Plan Proposal February 1, 2008
  2. Project Vision & Objectives
    • Through collaborative assessment, recommendation and development, upgrade the user experience of the Expedia Hotel Extranet and establish a best practices approach for future application and user interface initiatives.
    • As the Expedia Hotel Extranet is a mission critical application, the user (Expedia client) experience must deliver an intuitive process within the full scope of inventory management functions.
    • The resulting upgrade should provide the Expedia client with a competitive and profitable position among competitors, while ensuring the Expedia consumer relevant value and selection within the Expedia online experience.
  3. Recommended Approach
    • Project Timeline: Six to Eight Weeks
    • Pivot + Levy Team
      • Account Supervision: Matt Kling
      • Business and Application Analyst: Kevin Bolduan
      • User Interface Designer: Andy Lueck
    • Expedia Team
      • Kevin Gauthier
      • Dustin Armstrong
  4. Discovery
    • Week One, Days 1-4 Onsite at Expedia
        • Review & confirm program objectives & deliverables: Itemize primary application screens, feedback screens, pop-ups, and help screens.
        • Review underlying technology, and review options to improve user experience through Ajax and other technologies.
        • Confirm browser and screen spec for application.
        • Define assumptions, clarify team responsibilities, and confirm budget and timeline.
        • User Profile Review (Who are they and what is their primary responsibility when utilizing the application).
  5. Discovery Continued
        • Use scenarios & process mapping for all Extranet functionality.
        • Create glossary related to hotel management vocabulary, and vocabulary related to user interaction choices, hovers, and instructional content.
        • Specify copywriting requirements related to instructional content, feedback screens and help content.
        • As needed, identify prototypes to evaluate UI and/or application functionality
        • Metrics – What is needed to track users/usage to optimize the application over time and ensure continued use and expanded adoption.
        • Overview of future application enhancements to ensure future UI scalability
  6. Documentation & Wireframe Development
    • Weeks Two & Three
      • Identification and specification of information types and proposed interactive elements
      • Development of Wireframe specification document, defining the specific content and interactive UI components of the application.
      • Develop draft UI screens (3) demonstrating information design, font and color usage.
  7. Documentation & Wireframe Presentation
    • Week Four
      • Wireframe and draft UI (3 screens to convey proposed look and feel) presentation review with Expedia team, gather feedback.
      • Document Wireframe and UI changes. Confirm schedule for revision review.
      • In conjunction with Expedia Team, develop schedule for delivery of UI screens and related screen components, such as pop-ups, etc. This will be accompanied with a HTML style guide.
      • Prototype development as defined in the week one discovery process: (Expedia Team & Pivot + Levy)
  8. Final Review, Acceptance & Support within Programming Phase
    • Weeks Five & Six
      • Final acceptance prior to application programming production:
        • Wireframe specification and UI documentation
        • UI PSD documents
        • HTML style guide
      • User interface review, assessment and recommendation throughout programming phase.
      • Application testing and launch (It is recommended that an informal beta launch and usability study be conducted with a sample of current users.)

Expedia UI Plan



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