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Getting the Best Business VoIP Phone

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When a number is dialed on a VoIP phone, the voice is transmitted through the Internet with a digital format. At the receiving end, it is again converted to voice data and the receiver can hear your voice.
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Getting the Best Business VoIP Phone

An efficient communication system is critically important for the growth and development of
any business - more so, in today's scenario when businesses are facing stiff competition. VoIP
(Voice over Internet Protocol) which is the latest buzzword in telephone technology has all the
features to enhance the quality of business communication.
Business VoIP is cost effective and can provide extremely useful as well as time saving features
not found in traditional business phone services. The latest business VoIP phone systems have
completely transformed the way business communications are being done. Business VoIP
phone systems offer more features and are less expensive compared with the age-old analogue
phone systems. Besides, as the future belongs to VoIP phone technology, the sooner you
choose to switch over to VoIP the better for your business.

When a number is dialed on a VoIP phone, the voice is transmitted through the Internet with a
digital format. At the receiving end, it is again converted to voice data and the receiver can hear
your voice. A special adapter is connected to your existing phone set or an IP phone can be
used. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing the best business VoIP
phone system.
Scalability is very important because you need not straightaway buy a big system with lot of
features that you may not immediately need. Make sure that the VoIP phone system you buy
has expandability provisions and allows you to easily add features. Businesses keep growing all
the time, make sure your phone system can easily adapt to this growth.

When deciding on VoIP system, you can either choose a hosted VoIP service or a premise based
service. If you get a hosted VoIP service you just plug your VoIP phone into the Internet and
instantly start enjoying all the facilities. You will not be required to invest in costly hardware
and also subsequently maintain them. The services are managed by a third party service
provider and you are free from all bother.
If you opt for the premise based VoIP system, you will have to necessarily buy equipment
known as a PBX along with VoIP phones. A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) can be truly
expensive and may not be advisable for small and midsize business to buy the system outright.
This apart, once you have purchased the PBX the onus will also be on you to maintain it,
upgrade it whenever necessary and operate the system with your own employees. It is only
large businesses with over 400 employees who favor premises based VoIP system. They will
have all the resources to purchase, maintain and operate the system with their own personnel.
If you are planning to opt for the hosted VoIP system, then you will have to carefully select a
reputable and reliable service provider who will offer uninterrupted 24 x 7 services and be
sensitive to your business communication needs. Check the service provider's long distance
calls policy and make sure it is cost-effective for your business model.
If you are constantly dialing long distance, try to get service with economical long distance
calling facility. Please remember a VoIP service provider can save you up to 75% on your
telephone/long distance expenses. Most of the VoIP carriers offer 911 service, but not all. Be
sure to check if your VoIP provider will offer E911 - or else choose another who will.
When properly implemented, Internet phone service using VoIP saves money, delivers quality
phone calls, improves employee efficiency, provides enhanced customer service and increases
your Return On Investment (ROI).

Getting the Best Business VoIP Phone



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