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Hand Safety

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HAND SAFETY Your hands are your most important tool. Over 16 million people suffer hand injuries per year. Over a quarter million of those are serious & often disabling injuries…
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  2. Your hands are your most important tool.
    • Over 16 million people suffer hand injuries per year.
    • Over a quarter million of those are serious & often disabling injuries each year.
    • 25% of all industrial injuries involve the hand.
  3. Facts
    • The most common type of hand injury is a crushing or compression injury.
    • Men are 9 times more likely to receive a hand injury than women.
    • Most hand injuries involve a lack of adequate personal protective equipment.
  4. Fact
    • Each year, more than 115,000 Americans end up in the emergency room as a result of hand-tool-related injuries.
  5. Fact
    • Some 30,000 persons are injured annually using hammers.
    • 25,000 using standard blade screwdrivers & crescent wrenches.
  6. Common Causes
    • Use of unprotected or faulty machinery or equipment.
    • Failure to use guards, kill-switches, or to follow appropriate lock-out procedures are among the leading hand hazards.
    • Wearing jewelry, gloves, or loose-fitting clothing around moving parts can also lead to injury.
  7. Causes
    • Chemicals, corrosives, & other irritating substances can cause burns & skin inflammation unless appropriate hand protection is used.
    • Improper use or maintenance of the hand tool.
    • Lack of protective gloves or not using the appropriate accessories for the tool.
  8. Typical Injuries
    • Puncture wounds
    • Severed fingers
    • Broken fingers
    • Contusions
    • Temperature extremes
    • Electrical hazards
  9. Guideline’s for Hand Safety
    • Be alert to potential hand hazards before an accident can happen.
    • Be alert to possible unguarded pinch points.
    • Always use guards, shields & other protective devices when appropriate.
    • Do not remove guards.
  10. Guidelines Continued
    • Use brushes to wipe away debris.
    • Inspect equipment & machinery before & after tasks to make sure that it is in good operating condition.
    • Disconnect power & follow established lock-out procedures before repairing or cleaning machinery.
  11. Guidelines Continued
    • Never wear gloves, jewelry, or loose clothing when working with moving machine parts.
    • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment.
    • When wearing gloves, be sure they fit properly & are rated for the specific task you are performing.
    • Consult your products MSDS or Supervisor for proper glove type.
    • Use the right tool for the job
    • Select tools that will keep your wrists straight to avoid repetitive motion/overuse problems.
  14. Take care of your hands.

Hand Safety



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