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How Can Over Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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The erection refers to the lengthening and hardening of a body part like a male’s penis, a woman’s nipples or clitoris. A penis has to be erect to successfully penetrate into the vagina or the rectum of the female partner, and subsequently, to ejaculate.
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The erection refers to the hardening and
lengthening of a body part like a male's penis, a
woman's nipples or clitoris.
These body parts are usually referred as boners.
However, in common parlance, the erection refers
to the penis becoming larger and harder due to
sexual stimulation or otherwise.

A penis has to be erect to successfully penetrate
into the vagina or the rectum of the female
partner, and subsequently, to ejaculate.
The whole process is termed as sexual

However, excessive or over masturbation leads to
erectile dysfunction under which the penis is not
able to stand erect which is essential for
penetrative sex.
The excessive masturbation causes weakening of
the nerves of the penis.

The person resorting to this habit excessively
develops guilt feeling, and is mentally not strong
enough to have an erect penis even after
sufficient sexual stimulation.
The tissues in the penis become weak, and cannot
hold blood coming into them after sexual

The habit of excessive masturbation leads to the
weakening of the nervous system of the penis
which remains flaccid even after sexual

This disorder of erectile dysfunction can very
effectively be controlled and cured by the use of
massage oil called Mast Mood oil and NF Cure
These are herbal preparations, and are safe.
Ashwagandha, Kesar, Shudh Shilajit, Lauh Bhasm,
etcetera are the ingredients of the capsule.

These ingredients have medicinal values, and have
been in use since the ages to cure sex related
The regular massaging of the penis with Mast Mood
oil strengthens the nerves of the penis.
The oil also is prepared from herbs, plants, and roots
of plants that have medicinal properties.

The oil massaging increases the flow of blood into the
blood vessels of the penis, and make it erect.
The oil not only makes the penis erect, but also make it
harder, longer, and long lasting.
One is able then to enjoy penetrative sex more

Likewise, the use of NF capsule strengthens the
immune system of the body.
Its ingredient Ashwagandha enhances the blood
circulation in the entire body including the male
genitals while Shilajit reduces tension and stress.

How Can Over Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?



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