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How to cure Athletes Foot in seconds

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How to cure Athletes Foot in seconds
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ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

(HPC Registered Podiatrist and Chiropodist)
Medipod Clinics
How to cure athlete’s foot in seconds…

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

Dear Athlete’s Foot Sufferer;
This ‘Special Report’ was written to cure your athlete’s foot and
prevent re-occurring fungus growth.
With all the creams, sprays and ointments on the market today it can
be quite confusing and expensive to find long term relief.
That’s were this report comes in. I have battled athlete’s foot for over
8 years and found nothing ever worked.
I tried all the creams, countless sprays, shoe inserts, powders,
ointments and even pil s. But nothing worked for very long.
Eventually it got to the point where nothing worked for me at all, even
the creams that used to give me temporary relief.
Finally, all that suffering came to an end when I discovered a simple
way to STOP athlete’s foot dead in it’s tracks.
Since my athletes foot had been cured I came across several other
remedies that work wonders and helped some of my friends.
I thought there might be other’s with the same problem so I put
together a list of the top 20 remedies that kil athlete’s foot fast
without buying expensive creams and other temporary relief products.
What you have in your hands right now is the best, most effective 20
ways to kil athlete’s foot and also prevent re-occurring fungus
>> Click here to go immediately to quick remedies…

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

…Or continue reading
What is Athlete’s Foot?
Athlete’s Foot is an uncomfortable fungal infection of the feet, usually
found between the toes, but may also spread to the bottoms of the
feet, the instep, between the toes and toenails.

Between Toes Bottom of Feet Instep

Did You Know?
About one in two people suffer from athlete’s foot at one time or
This infection is also known as tinea pedis which is the medical term;
ringworm of the foot
, which lives on the skin tissue and breeds under
warm, moist conditions.
Athlete’s foot is highly contagious and in the right conditions, spreads
quickly to others.
Who gets it?
Young Men are most often affected by athlete‘s foot, but children and
women can also contract this fungus.

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

No one is completely safe from athlete’s foot and if you’ve had it
before chances of getting it again are even greater under the right
Why and how can you get it?
Athlete’s foot breeds under warm, moist conditions. Usually hot
weather and sweaty foot wear are the source for the infection.
A re-infection could occur from the flaking skin being in your footwear
and socks and coming into contact with your feet after you have
successfully battled this condition.
You can also contract Athlete’s Foot by going bear-foot in gym locker
rooms, public showers and even your shower at home.
If other members of your family have athletes foot it is important that
you clean your shower often as wel as take preventative precautions
included in this manual to prevent the spread of athletes foot.
Where does it come from?
Athlete’s foot comes from an infection caused by sweaty footwear or
damp feet.
It lives off the dead skin cells and infects the upper layer of the skin.
This fungus thrives in moist, warm places such as locker rooms,
swimming pools and gymnasiums.
Poor hygienic practices combined with any of the conditions above
will severely increase the chances of getting athletes foot.

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

Signs and Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot
1 - Cracked, pealing or flaking of skin around the toes. This
area wil then become moist or soggy looking.
2 - Redness and scaling on the soles of your feet. These
areas may become sore and inflamed.
3 - Intense itching. Your feet and between your toes wil itch
beyond belief. Any attempt at satisfying this itch by scratching or
rubbing the area wil only cause you to peel away the damp skin
and your feet may bleed.
4 - Small blister’s that ooze clear liquid. This is a severe
case of athletes foot that was left untreated for a long period of
time. You should consult your doctor immediately for more
progressive treatments.
5 - Burning sensation. You may notice a burning sensation
after you have rubbed the area to try and sooth the itching. The
burning sensation wil also increase as the fungus becomes more
6 - Odour may or may not be present. If you do not wash
your feet and dry them completely you run the risk of having a
hideous odour coming from the infected areas.
The odour could also mean that the athletes foot is infected more
severely than you thought and a doctor must be seen immediately.
You may be prescribed antibiotics if its severe.
7 - Yellow, crumbling and thickened toe nails.
Athletes’ Foot is very difficult to kil and the affected area may easily
become re-infected.
By following the course of treatment you wil ensure annihilation of
the fungus and reduce your chances of further infections.

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

The Prevention of Athletes Foot
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By taking a few
precautions against Athletes Foot, you are saving yourself weeks of
agonizing intense itching, burning and inflammation.
Familiarize yourself with these preventative measures because once
your athletes foot is gone you wil need to follow these guidelines or
you run the risk of re-infection.
Here are several suggestions to help prevent Athletes Foot
1 - Clean your toenails
Toenails are breeding spots for the athlete's foot fungus.
Scrape the undersides of your toenails clean at least every two
to three days. Use an orange stick, toothpick or wooden match.
Avoid using a metal file. The metal could scratch the nail
providing niches for the fungus to collect and breed.
2 - Wear cotton socks and change them twice a day to keep your
feet dry.
3 - Avoid plastic shoes and materials that have to be treated to
keep water out. They trap perspiration and create a warm,
moist place for fungus to grow.
4 - Wear sandals or beach slippers in public places such as
swimming pool showers and gym locker rooms.
5 - Wear leather shoes and sandals so your feet can "breathe".
6 - Alternate between two pairs of shoes, giving each 24 hours to
dry out between uses.

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7 - Regularly use an anti-fungal powder on your feet and in your
shoes and socks.
8 - Pay close attention to overall hygiene of your feet.
9 - Dry your feet thoroughly between your toes.
10 - The more your feet are exposed to the air, the better.
11 - Clean your shower and bath-tub regularly with diluted bleach or
other fungus kil ing agent cleaning products.
12 - Exposure to sunlight wil help dry your feet and the ultraviolet
light will kil fungus as wel .
13 - The most important and best way to prevent athlete’s foot is to
keep your feet dry.
14 - To avoid re-infection wipe white vinegar on the insides of your
shoes and sandals with a cloth.
15 - Wash bed sheets on a regular basis.
16 - Never share shoes, socks or towels.
Did You Know?
Without proper treatment of Athlete’s Foot the infection could
become chronic and may cause severe scarring if left untreated.

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

Getting Rid of The Burning and Itching
1 - Keep your feet clean and dry. Wash and dry your feet thoroughly,
two to three times daily.
2 - Use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and itching.
3 - Soak your feet for ten minutes twice each day in a sea salt and
water bath (two teaspoons of salt for every one pint of water).
4 - Make and apply a baking soda paste made with water added to
baking soda, to the bottoms of your feet and between your toes.
Keep on for ten minutes, then wash, dry thoroughly and dust your
feet with talcum powder or corn starch.
5 - Use over-the-counter medication treatments. It’s important to
follow the directions with these different medications for maximum
6 - Continue treating the affected areas for up to two weeks after the
infection has disappeared.
7 - If the condition does not clear up after treatment, consult your
doctor immediately.
8 - Apply diluted rubbing alcohol on the affected area with cotton balls
and allow to dry.
9 - Apply aloe-Vera gel twice daily
10 - Soak your feet for ten minutes a day in a 50/50 mixture of apple
cider vinegar and water for up to ten days or until symptoms

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

disappear, whichever comes first.
11 - Apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball to affected areas and
allow to dry.
12 - Soak your feet for 20 minutes daily in a baking soda and water
solution. You can also sprinkle baking soda on your feet and
inside your footwear.
13 - Cinnamon can effectively combat both yeast and fungal
Bring 4 cups of water to a boil, add 8-10 broken sticks of
cinnamon, reduce heat to low and simmer for five minutes;
remove and steep, covered, for 45 minutes. Use as a foot bath.
14 - Rub raw garlic on the fungus or put some freshly crushed garlic
on the affected area and leave it on for half an hour then wash
the area with water.
Do this once a day for a week and the athlete's foot should be
gone. If the garlic burns, remove it and wash the area with water,
dry and try again with diluted garlic juice.
You may have to play around with this remedy to get the potency
that is right for you. Garlic is an excellent antibiotic, and studies
have shown that its compounds can kil the fungus that causes
athlete's foot.
15 - Make a herbal tea foot bath of goldenseal and thyme, or a half
and half mixture of thyme and chamomile teas. Soak your feet in
this solution once a day.
16 - Apply Undesine ointment daily, which you can find wherever
herbs and other natural remedies are sold.

ainful feet? Click here and make an appointment with Faye today and get £5 off

17 - Apply Vitamin E twice daily to affected areas.
18 - Rub raw honey on the infected areas before bedtime. Cover with
an old sock and leave on over night. Wash and dry feet
thoroughly in the morning.
19 - Mix 2 drops of Tea Tree oil, 2 drops of Myrrh in 15g of base
cream. Mix the oils into the base cream, and apply to the
affected area twice a day.
20 - Add sandalwood and tea tree oil to your foot bath.
I hope the above information has been useful and please do not
hesitate to contact me on
01455 246 100
45 Rugby Road
LE10 0QA
to arrange an appointment with myself :)
Alternatively I can be reached on my website:
or by email:
Be well,
Faye Vogiatzoglou
HPC Registered Podiatrist/Chiropodist

How to cure Athletes Foot in seconds



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