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How To Find Mercenary Work Abroad

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Many high paying jobs are available overseas, and some of the most lucrative are those involving security and mercenary work. To find work abroad, you must be physically fit. Other requirements include knowledge of weapons and work experience.
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Content Preview
Tips for Finding Mercenary and Security Work Abroad

If you are the type who likes to travel abroad and adventurous, security jobs abroad will be a
nice option. However there some things you have to consider.

Work Experience

You will find it hard to get security work overseas if you don't
have work experience. At the very least you will need to go to vocational school or some kind
of security training. Whether you worked in a security agency or the military, certification
from your former workplace will be necessary.


Be certain your passport and visas are ready. Go through the legal process to prepare your
documents. You should contact the country's Foreign Affairs department if you have any
questions. Although not a requirement, it helps if you can speak in the country's language.

Where to Find Jobs

The easiest place to search is the Internet. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that
post security job openings abroad. Be certain your resume is updated and contains only
relevant information.

If you are applying as a monitor technician, your resume should emphasize your
achievements in this field. You can also ask recommendations from friends who have worked
abroad. This can make job hunting easier. The salary varies, and often depends on the amount
of risk involved in the job.

How to Get Mercenary Jobs

These days, a mercenary is synonymous with a defense contractor. This is a person who
works for pay. In military parlance, it refers to soldiers paid by a foreign country to handle
civil unrest or provide security.


Honorably discharged military personnel are very much qualified. People with background or
experience in law enforcement have good chances of landing a job too. There are many types
of mercenary work available.

Executive protection will have you performing the role of a bodyguard. Your clients will
include politicians, businessmen and other personalities.

You can also work as a tactical medic. Your task will be to help soldiers who are injured in
battle. You can also get hired as a disaster officer. Their job is to shield personnel and
equipment during a calamity.

Whether you plan to be a mercenary or do other security jobs, you need to be in good physical
condition. You will undergo physical tests, so you have to be healthy. You should also be
updated on the latest in weapons, tactics and defense. Being skilled in martial arts will be a
plus. While there are risks, expect to get paid well.


How To Find Mercenary Work Abroad



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