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Ideologies during the Industrial Revolution

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PDF to learn about different ideologies which appeared during the Industrial Revolution. PDF aimed to students.
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Content Preview
Political Ideologies of the
Industrial Revolution

What is an ideology????
It is an organized
collection of thought or
a comprehensive vision
as a way of looking at
It is an ideal way of life
for society.
Its main purpose is to
offer change to
whatever is happening

The Age of the "isms"
Social Darwinism
Industrial Revolution

Romanticism (1790-1850)
Celebration of individual
The age of "passion" and
Imagination is superior to
Meaning and purpose of life
found in spirituality and
Belief in the supernatural
Promoted the arts: poetry,
music and novels.

Important Romantics:
Victor Hugo
French poet and novelist.
Champion of human rights
Famous for writing Les Miserable's and The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Writings criticize the social injustices of Industrial Revolution (i.e.,
poverty, human suffering, ostracism, alienation of poor, working class.)

Mary Shelley
Wrote classic novel

Novel is a jab at the industrial
revolution, capitalism and
societies' dependence on
science and technology

Frankenstein's character
mirrored societies' disregard
for human dignity in the pursuit
of science, money and power.

Giving a warning about the
consequences of science when
there is a lack of social

Lord Byron
Frederic Chopin
*Famous Poet
*Represented the idea of
*Fought for Greek
artistic freedom.
independence from Turks.
*Important composer and
*Like Shelly, uncertain of
mankind's knowledge and
*Music about exotic places
obsession with capitalism
and revolution.

Mary Wollstonecraft
The mother of Mary Shelley
Often referred to as "The
Mother of Feminism"
Famous Book: Vindication of
the Rights of Woman (1792)
Called for the equality of the
Spoke out against the injustices
and unequal treatment of
women in society and the
stereotypes of the day.
Believed education was the key
to gain self-respect and a new
Wanted women to be equal
under the law as well.

* Dominant political theory in the 19the
* Strong belief in individual liberty,
private property and freedom from
government interference.
* Favor parliamentary government.
* People can pursue their own self-
* Society is a collection of individuals.
* The right to vote should be limited to
property owners and those who could
read during Industrial Revolution.
* Strong supporter of Capitalism.

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Ideologies during the Industrial Revolution



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