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Innovative hive for water desalination

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This document shows a new idea for water desalination by using simple materials.
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Content Preview
Innovative hive for water desalination
Idea of
Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

A hive for water desalination contains
three main parts outer cover, hive body and
the carrier. This hive can be operated by
different methods depends on the availability
of resources.
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

1- The hive contains three parts: the outer cover, the
hive's body and the hive carrier.
The general shape and components of the hive
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

The outer cover is in pyramidal shape:

The internal side of the outer cover is a glass layer to
intensify water evaporation.

In the sides of this cover there are opened tubes to
collect water and these tubes are connected together
with a final tube to collect fresh water.

The cover paints in the white color to reflect sun shines.
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

General view for the hive
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

The hive body contains a back drawer which can be used for adding water.

Inside the drawer, there is a sponge piece which plays a key role in holding
much amount of water and serves as a filter for salts.

Also, Water can be added for this hive body automatically by providing the hive
body with a small tube which can be connected with vans filled with water.

Different methods can be used to heat water inside the hive body.
1) The hive body can be made from copper or metal and with black color to be
heated fast by sun (simple method).
2) The air can be vacuumed from the hive's body to evaporate water quickly.
3) Electricity can be used to heat water inside the hive's body by using electrical
heater under the drawer.
4) Solar cells can be used to heat the hive's body.

The hive carrier is four long legs for carrying the hive.
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

Water evaporation and intensifying
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

By using this hive there is ability for controlling the amount
of produced water by increasing number of hives. Also, small
fans can be added to the outer cover for cooling the outer
cover and help in water intensifying

Different components of the hive for cooling the outer cover and supplying the
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

Moreover, more than one hive can be connected
together to collect water from many hives at the same

Also, this hive can be operated under vacuum
conditions which make the water evaporation fast.

This hive can be used in different places without
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

Collecting of desalinated water from more than one hive by means of common tube
(c) Hossam Farag Abou-Shaara

Innovative hive for water desalination



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