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Introduction of storage area network

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In this PDF we describe the introduction of storage area network. We illustrate this using different points. We also describe the basics, architecture and mechanism of SAN. It is presented by
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1)What is SAN
2)Basics of SAN
3)Architecture of SAN
4)Basic mechanism of SAN

Storage area network is a design to transfer data, from server
to clients. It is alternative to the directly attached targets. It
is primarily used as the storage device server can access this.
It is also highly performance storage device enabling to
communicate with one another.

Different of technologies are used for SAN. Most popular is the Fiber
channel. But IP based solutions are also used. Concepts of SAN also
implemented on the devices those are attached to like disk, tapes, RAID, file
server etc. We frequently used NAS and SAN col ateral y. Difference between
them are SAN is network storage sub system NAS is storage subsystem. SAN
extension of disk channel not connected to server but NAS connected to server via
IP network.

Different technologies can be used to interconnect different network nodes.
Fiber channel is dedicated high performance channel. It is used fiber channel
protocol. SCSI protocol carry IP packet over the network. SCSI is the extension
of the SCSI bus.

Fiber channel can be source or the destination of the
information. If the node is initiator then it is connected to the
network through HBA (Host Bus Adapter) it is a physical layer
connection. It may be electrical or fiber optical. If the node is
target then it is connected through RAID (Redundant Array of
Independent Disk) or storage drives.

Basic storage is the hard drives. It is composed of different
disks, platters, cylinders, track and sectors. It is metallic disk
used for storage of data. Logical block address within the disk
is 512 byte. Files can be stored in the sectors so they can be
stored and retrieved. File system deals with clusters of blocks
and it uses FAT (File Allocation Table) to map the file sectors.

Jbods are group of disks packaged in a connected via FC loop.
RAID is more sophisticated device it improves the storage disk
performance. It improves the performance the reading and writing from
disk at the same time or it mirroring the information on the multiple disk

RAID array containing the disk array and RAID controller . It
providing hardware and feature of RAID 0- 5. Direct attached storage
is an architecture is used to storage privately attached servers. It is
expensive and complex to manage. Storage is accessed from block level not
file level. It is high performance. It uses good management tool and storage
is shared. It uses interoperability.

Network attached storage is an architecture which attached
to the server with a multiprocess network. This network is a IP
process network. Transmission Control Protocol can be tuned
to optimized storage transport.

Introduction of storage area network



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