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iPhone 4 screen replacement screw template

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Here's a screw template, based on iFixIt
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  • Name: Chavdar Sirakov
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Content Preview
Created by Chavdar Sirakov


I created this template to help myself disassemble and assemble my iPhone 4 for screen
replacement. I shattered my original screen and after I read how hard it is to keep track
of all the different screws, I came up with this idea.

Using the template is really, really simple. You follow iFixIt's screen replacement tutorial
(link above) and as soon as you unscrew any of the screws in each step, you put it on its
head on the printed template.

Here's how to use it:

1. Print out the second page of this tutorial - the template itself.
2. Scotch tape it to your desk before you start so you don't accidentally topple it over.
3. Follow iFixIt's guide and as soon as you unscrew a screw, place it on its head on the
4. Follow iFixIt's tutorial in reverse order to assemble the iPhone 4 and pick the needed
screws in each step from the template.


- The spare space and the additional hints on each row (Pressure contact, SIM card
tray, etc.) will also allow you to store the various parts you take off the frame in the
process. You can check the third page of this document to see how I used the hand-
written blueprint for this diagram in an actual disassembly.
- Many novice users get poor Wi-Fi reception when they assemble back the phone as
they manage to lose the little metal piece that sits on the top of the bigger EMI shield
(the bigger black contact cover). It's placed where the green 4.8mm Phillips screw from
step 13 is located. Make sure the metal piece is in place when you disassemble the
phone. If it falls out, be careful putting it back on, it's fragile and can easily split leaving
you with no option but to order the whole black shield as a replacement part.
- The yellow 1.4mm Phillips screw in Step 13 actually screws into a nut, which may fall
out in the disassembly process.
- I advise you not to try and not remove the last six screws that hold the display (the
ones with washers). They are a hell to put back on and it's really much easier to just
unscrew them a little and leave them in their places.


Created by Chavdar Sirakov


Here's the raw blueprint that I used for creating this template. You can see all the screws and the
parts I took off the frame.


iPhone 4 screen replacement screw template



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