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Probabilistic Analysis of Partitioning Algorithms for the Traveling-Salesman Problem in the
Author(s): Richard M. Karp
Source: Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 2, No. 3 (Aug., 1977), pp. 209-224
Published by: INFORMS
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Accessed: 06/03/2009 16:10
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Document Outline

  • Article Contents
    • p. 209
    • p. 210
    • p. 211
    • p. 212
    • p. 213
    • p. 214
    • p. 215
    • p. 216
    • p. 217
    • p. 218
    • p. 219
    • p. 220
    • p. 221
    • p. 222
    • p. 223
    • p. 224
  • Issue Table of Contents
    • Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 2, No. 3 (Aug., 1977), pp. 209-296
      • Front Matter
      • Probabilistic Analysis of Partitioning Algorithms for the Traveling-Salesman Problem in the Plane [pp. 209 - 224]
      • Graphs and Cooperation in Games [pp. 225 - 229]
      • A Substitute Inverse for the Basis of a Staircase Structure Linear Program [pp. 230 - 239]
      • An Upper Bound for the Equilibrium Mean Wait in a Stationary GI/G/1 Queue [pp. 240 - 243]
      • Stochastic Orderings from Partially Known Utility Functions [pp. 244 - 252]
      • Unconstrained Optimization by Approximation of the Gradient Path [pp. 253 - 265]
      • Decision Problems with Expected Utility Criteria, II: Stationarity [pp. 266 - 274]
      • Scheduling Equal-Length Tasks under Treelike Precedence Constraints to Minimize Maximum Lateness [pp. 275 - 284]
      • Nonconvex Duality in Multiobjective Optimization [pp. 285 - 291]
      • The Probability That a Random Polytope Is Bounded [pp. 292 - 296]
      • Back Matter




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