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Legal Translation

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What makes us the first choice legal translation service for lawyers, in-house counsel and corporate solicitors? In a nutshell – our meticulous results quite literally speak for themselves. And with a global team of professional translators, some with over 30 years’ experience, we genuinely take some beating.
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Content Preview
All about Legal Translation

Similar to what is defined in Wikipedia, legal
translation can be termed as the translation or
paraphrasing of matter within the boundary of
law or in the language of law. And as anything
that is related to law cannot be taken lightly, you
will always need a professional who is certified in
legal translation and can translate the text
accurately. When we talk about legal we
generally mean things related to the justice
system, the courtroom proceedings, and the government laws. However, there is more to
it in the sense that it also includes the translation of data related to our everyday lives
where also things need to be done legally.

Matter related to legislation, passports, contracts, warranties, wills, settlements, tax
returns, corporate bylaws, etc will need a professional legal translator to handle the
work for you. These documents cannot be written according to one's choice of words or
inclination but instead should follow a very
specific wording format so that the translated
document reflects the integrity of the original
document. Among the different categories of legal
translation, the technical documents are said to be
the most complex and if not translated correctly,
can lead to legal issues, lawsuits, etc. From the
business point of view also, legal translation is an
absolute must especially now when businesses are breaking barriers of the nations and
spreading out in different parts of the world.

Be it an agency or a individual, the service must always be on
time, accurate, and cost effective. Therefore, these are the aspects
a good legal translator will always concentrate on.

Accuracy: A 100% accuracy is a must and it cannot be
compromised. No matter how small, the meaning of the sentence or word cannot change
when translation is done. The wording and the tone of the language also needs to be
formal and in tune with the legal jargon.

Awareness: The legal translator should also be aware of the legal system of the two
nations involved in the translation. This is because legal translation is not just about the
language but also the legal system of the two countries. This is quite a sensitive job as the
legal terminology of the two nations is generally different. This brings us to the point of
legal terminology. A legal translator should and must have knowledge about the legal
lingo. This only can guarantee that legal documents related to civil law, corporate law,

tax and accounting law, property tax, patent law, international law, etc can be justly
explained in the translated document.

: This job requires confidentiality as legal translation is about legal
documents that contain sensitive data. This is why a legal translator or a firm must offer a
non-disclosure agreement.

As you can see that legal translation is an intricate task, you must be very careful which
firm or individual you choose to translate your document. You must look at the
background and the track record of the provider to ensure that you will not fall into any
kind of trouble because the translator is well aware and knowledgeable about the entire

Legal Translation



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