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Makaton Symbols

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Symbols have proved to be an effective way of making written information more accessible for some people with learning disabilities.
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Content Preview
General Social Care Council (GSCC)
Codes of Practice for
Social Care Workers and Social Care Managers
Symbol version

Making This Booklet Easier to Understand
Symbols have proved to be an effective way of making
3. Abstract symbols.
written information more accessible for some people
Many people with learning disabilities struggle to
with learning disabilities.
understand abstract concepts. You may also have to
specifically teach the meaning of these first.
This booklet uses Makaton symbols with the written
Identify any symbols in this booklet which you
text. There is another booklet that uses signs with text.
think may cause problems, for example:
If you are a facilitator for someone who is a symbol or
sign user please note the following general tips:
To Be Able/ Can
To Use
1. Bear the individual in mind.
Read through this booklet yourself before sharing it
4. When using symbols.
with the person with learning disability. As you read,
As many of the symbols may be unfamiliar both to you
keep the person's general level of understanding in
and the person with learning difficulties, allow yourself
mind. Try to identify any symbols that you think may
time to think of different ways you can explain the
be difficult for the person to understand.
meaning of different concepts.
2. Help people to learn symbols.
5. Signs can be helpful.
Some people may need to be encouraged to learn and
Although this booklet is presented with symbols and text,
recognise new and unfamiliar symbols. They cannot
people with learning disabilities can be helped further if
be expected to understand them if they have never
signs are also used to support the text and symbols. A
had experience of them before. You may therefore
sign version of this booklet is also available, and it is our
need to specifically teach the meaning of the new
recommendation that you use this symbol version with
symbols before the users can understand them.
the sign version.

6. Always speak naturally as you use symbols and
7. The symbol translation in this booklet presents
information with key symbols, ie the symbols convey
the meaning of the significant words in the text.
8. Makaton experience.
If you do not have experience of using Makaton, try to
find someone who is experienced to work with you.
9. The Makaton Vocabulary Development Project
(MVDP) has assumed when translating these GSCC
Codes of Practice into symbols and signs that
professionals using this booklet will be experienced in
using the signs and symbols in the Makaton Core
Vocabulary and will have attended approved Makaton
Training Workshops for professionals. (For more
details contact the MVDP on 01276 681368.)

General Social Care Council (GSCC)
Codes of Practice for
Social Care Workers and Social Care Managers

General Social Care Council (GSCC) wrote
book is
about rules

given to all Social Care Workers
Social Care Managers
make care

There are
two sets of rules
1. Rules
Social Care Workers
2. Rules
Social Care Managers

Social Care Worker
must obey the
Social Care Manager
must obey the

The Social Care Worker cannot
with you,
if the Social Care Worker does not obey the rules

Makaton Symbols



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