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MAS 90 Bank Reconciliation

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Sage MAS 90 Bank Reconciliation
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Content Preview
The Bank Reconciliation module features
streamlined bank statement reconciliation
and insightful reports, including:

Bank Reconciliation Register

Bank Transaction Recap Report

Estimated Cash Flow Analysis
Business Alerts is a separate module that
monitors your MAS 90 database and can
send e-mail notifications to appropriate
staff, customers or vendors based on
specific business events
Each month, like clockwork, bank statements and cancelled checks arrive, setting off a tedious
reconciliation process. You sort checks, account for deposits, and compare your account balances to
those of the bank. If only it ended there. Discrepancies can initiate an aggravating and time-
consuming search for the differences before your statements can be reconciled and filed—then it all
begins again.
The Bank Reconciliation module for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP systems automates and
simplifies the monthly reconciliation process, detects unrecorded transactions between books and
banks, locates the errors and differences, records the corrections, and reconciles your books to the
bank statements, all in a solution that is easy to use and implement.
Even more important, Bank Reconciliation gives you insights behind the numbers to better manage
and direct cash flow, helping you to view and forecast cash flow activities with registers, reports, and
analyses. You can project an estimated cash flow when youlink it to your Accounts Receivable,
Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Purchase Order modules.
The many features of the Bank Reconciliation module enable the use of multiple bank accounts,
automatic and manual posting of checks, adjustments and deposits, quick and easy account
reconciliation, complete transaction listings and details, and more.
Powerful, yet simple-to-use, Bank Reconciliation gives you the ability to efficiently manage
reconciliation activities today, and helps you make better business decisions for the future with cash
flow analysis and forecasting.

Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200
Bank Reconciliation
“We process nearly 1,000 checks every month. By automating the reconciliation
task, we’ve freed up countless hours on each statement for our accountant.”
Elizabeth Johnson-Stevens, special projects coordinator
Salutary SportsClubs, Inc.
Multiple Bank Accounts
Up to 36 separate bank accounts can be established for a single company. Transactions can be automatically posted from the General
Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll modules.
Reconcile Bank Accounts
Displayed monthly activity enables you to reconcile bank accounts quickly and easily. Transactions can be confirmed as cleared, using a
single keystroke.
Bank Reconciliation Register
All transactions, cleared and outstanding, are listed on this detailed report for each bank account. The Reconciliation Summary shows
the adjusted bank balance, computer-calculated book balance, and any out-of-balance amount.
Cash Flow Analysis
The Estimated Cash Flow Analysis Report combines information from the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Purchase Order
modules to provide an overall cash flow projection for four consecutive periods.
Check and Deposit Entry
Transactions not posted automatically through the other integrated modules can be entered manually. Checks, deposits, and adjustments
for non-integrated bank accounts can also be entered manually.
Bank Activity Detail
Bank transaction detail can be retained indefinitely or cleared each month after each account is reconciled.
Reconciliation Import
Imports, validates and reconciles bank statement. Supports various bank formats. Custom bank formats also available.
Extended Solution
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MAS 90 Bank Reconciliation



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